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Preparing for a surge in January of COVID-19 cases

The NHS in Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly is expecting to be very busy in January due to a predicted surge in Omicron cases, peaking in mid-January. Even with very high vaccination uptake in our patients and staff, the spread of COVID-19 is already having a significant impact on NHS staff absences and this is likely to become worse. This will further impact on staffing and will cause more disruption to wider health and services. Every additional person with COVID-19 impacts on the ability of the NHS to carry out other important work. For example, for every inpatient in hospital with COVID-19, on average more than 8 other operations are postponed. To prepare for this surge in January and the impact on staffing, in West Cornwall our GP practices are:

  • Reducing non-urgent work, for example routine check-ups, routine monitoring, minor surgery, sick notes

  • Starting each consultation with a telephone call or online consultation first. We need to limit exposure for both patients and staff but anyone who needs to be seen face-to-face patient contact will be, where it’s safe to do

  • Limiting the staff working in our buildings to reduce the risk of outbreaks, along with regular staff testing

  • Strictly applying infection control precautions such as masks, ventilation, social distancing, and hand sanitiser

By ensuring these measures are in place, we will keep general practice open and therefore support our local hospitals, ambulances and out of hours services. If we find that despite these measures some individual GP practices cannot open for a short period of time, then neighbouring GP practices in our area will support each other to ensure we can still ensure patients have access to GPs when it’s urgent in West Cornwall. Our practice will review the suitability of these arrangements each week as we learn more about the impact of Omicron on NHS services in Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly. 

How can you help?

  • Please be patient and kind to our staff who are working under extreme pressure
  • Get your COVID-19 booster vaccination as soon as possible if you haven’t already. Many people in intensive care units in Cornwall are young and unvaccinated. Please use to book via the National Booking System.  We have lots of extra clinics available.
  • Continue to follow national guidance about wearing face coverings, social distancing and any other restrictions that are in place

Friends and Family Test Results

Poster January 2021 results

Poster February 2021 results

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Marazion Community Champion Award for 2021

On Friday 17th December 2021, the Town Mayor, Cllr Derek Laity awarded the healthcare professionals and staff at Marazion Surgery with the Marazion Community Champion Award for 2021.
We are all honoured to receive this award and appreciate the recognition of the practice's hard work in supporting the local community throughout the pandemic.
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See our Home Page for details of our Covid-19 Booster Vaccination Programme

Covid Vaccination Boosters  Following on from the Prime Ministers announcement this evening (12.12.21) on the acceleration to the Covid booster programme:  Please do not call the surgery about your Covid booster.  Please use to book via the National Booking System.  We have lots of extra clinics available.  This is going to be a huge ask for our staff who are already working flat out so I ask you to bear with us.  Please be kind, we are doing our very best.  Thank you.  

See our Home Page!  Follow us on FaceBook for regular updates.

Covid Vaccination Boosters  Following on from the Prime Ministers announcement this evening (12.12.21) on the acceleration to the Covid booster programme:  Please do not call the surgery about your Covid booster.  We need time to prepare clinics, order vaccine and have it delivered to the surgery.  We will let patients know as soon as we are ready to deal with the increased workload.  This is going to be a huge ask for our staff who are already working flat out so I ask you to bear with us.  Please be kind, we are doing our very best.  Thank you.  

Merry Christmas!

We have very much appreciated everyone's support during the Covid-19 Pandemic this year and would like to take this opportunity to wish you all a very Happy Healthy New Year for 2022!

We are closed for the Bank Holidays on Monday 27th December 2021, Tuesday 28th December 2021 and Monday 3rd January 2022.

If you need to seek medical advice in an emergency, when we are closed, please call NHS 111 (dial 111).

Are you recently bereaved and in need of some support?

National Blood Bottle Shortage Affecting Routine Blood Test Appointments

All GP practices are affected by the current national shortage of blood tubes and are taking urgent steps alongside our hospitals to prioritise their use for people with the greatest clinical need. This includes testing for serious conditions such as cancer.

We are following national guidance which has been issued in response to the shortage. As a result, we need to cancel and delay a number of patient appointments for blood tests deemed routine or non-urgent.

If you have a routine blood test appointment the reception team at the surgery will be in touch directly if they need to cancel your appointment, this will be by phone or by text message.

Please be assured that appointments will be rescheduled once the situation has improved, and in line with national guidance. There are a few things you can do if you are affected by this change:

Keep checking our website for regular updates – we will be sharing the latest patient information here as soon as we receive it.

Check your phone for messages from us – we will also be using our patient text service to keep people informed.

Please don’t call or contact us with questions about routine blood tests – we are experiencing exceptional levels of demand at the moment, and your cooperation will help us to reach those without smartphone or internet access with this critical information.

Do get in touch online if you have any questions relating to this. You can email us at

LET US KNOW if your condition worsens or changes so that we can prioritise your blood test if necessary following clinical review.

The changes are likely to be in place for at least four weeks. We will keep all our patients regularly updated as the national situation changes. We fully understand the frustration this is likely to cause, and apologise for the inconvenience.

Support Your Surgery so it can be there to support you.....


All our health services are busy right now, especially our ambulance service and the emergency department team at Truro hospital.

All our health services are busy right now, especially our ambulance service and the emergency department team at Truro hospital.

You can play your part in supporting us to care for people with serious and life-threatening illnesses.

Did you know you know you can get help and advice by calling 111 or go online at You may not need to go and wait in our busy emergency department and could be directed to a minor injury unit which will be quicker and closer to home.

Only dial 999 for an ambulance in a genuine, life-threatening emergency, for example:

  • Chest pain / breathing difficulties / heart attack
  • Stroke
  • Severe bleeding
  • Severe allergic reactions
  • Severe burns or scalds
  • Serious head injuries
  • Major trauma such as a road traffic accident or a fall from height

If you have called for an ambulance, please do not ring again asking for a time of arrival. Only call again if:

  • The patient’s condition worsens
  • You no longer need our help

The call handlers must prioritise speaking to the most seriously injured and unwell patients.

If you don’t think it’s a serious or life-threatening emergency:

  • Call your own GP. Even if you are in Cornwall on holiday, you could get a phone or video consultation with your doctor at home.
  • Go online at or call 111 to get expert advice and be signposted to where you can get the best and nearest care for your needs.
  • Ask a pharmacist for advice – they’re experts in treating minor health issues like colds, urinary infections, stomach upsets, aches and pains.

For further information please visit NHS Kernow CCG at

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Blood Test (Phlebotomy) Appointments

If you have been asked by a doctor or nurse to book an appointment for a blood test, it is now possible to book this online via 'Patient Access'. You will need to register for this service. Please contact with your name, date of birth, address, phone number and email address.

Covid-19 Vaccinations

28.07.21: Please find below the link to an EU website that helps patients get a covid certificate if they have had their covid jab abroad, as not available to view on NHS app. It gives them links depending on which EU country they had their jab in, to where and how they get the certificate from the appropriate country.

21.07.21: COVID-19 Vaccination – How to get a 2nd dose If it has been 8 weeks or more since your first COVID-19 vaccination, then you can book your second vaccine. It is important to have both doses to get the best possible protection against COVID-19. It will also reduce the risk of you passing COVID-19 to anyone else. By having both doses of the vaccine we can make sure that we provide the body with the best protection against the virus. To make an appointment for your second dose please call 119 or visit: You can also find out about which walk-in vaccination clinics offer 2nd doses here

17.05.21: If you had your first Astra Zeneca Covid vaccination at Marazion Surgery on or before 19th March please ring us (in the afternoon) to book an appointment to have your second vaccine. Patients who attended an alternative provider for their first vaccine should contact the same provider to arrange their second vaccine.

11.05.21: COVID vaccination certification. We are unable to issue this certificate at the practice. Please see for further information. Proof of your vaccination status will be available on the NHSapp, which can be downloaded from for iPhone or for android. Alternatively you can call the NHS helpline on 119 (from 17 May) and ask for a letter to be posted to you. This must be at least 5 days after you’ve completed your course of the vaccine, the letter may to take up to 5 days to reach you.

06.05.21: If you had your first AstraZeneca covid vaccine on or before 25th February, your second vaccination appointment should now have been arranged. If you have not heard from us please get in touch. If you had your first vaccine on 26th February onwards we will contact you soon!

19.04.21: Oxford AstraZeneca vaccine – update for practice websites

New guidance has been issued for the use of the Oxford AstraZeneca Covid-19 vaccine. This follows further reviews by the independent regulator, the MHRA, and the Commission for Human Medicines, of a very small number of people in the UK who have developed a rare blood-clotting condition since having the Oxford AstraZeneca Covid-19 vaccine. The MHRA and Joint Committee for Vaccinations and Immunisations have emphasised that the risk of this condition is extremely small and that the benefits of the vaccine outweigh the risks for the vast majority of people. They have recommended that: • Everyone who has had the AstraZeneca vaccine should still have a second dose of the AstraZeneca vaccine, irrespective of age, unless they have had a blood clot or have an existing risk of thrombosis (blood clotting) • People aged 30 and over or who have a health condition that puts them at higher risk of severe Covid-19 disease should still be offered the Oxford AstraZeneca vaccine. The benefits in protecting them against the serious consequences of COVID-19 outweigh any risk of this rare condition. • People aged 18-29 who do not have a health condition that puts them at higher risk of severe Covid-19 disease will be offered an alternative Covid-19 vaccine where available. (This has been recommended as a precaution as people under 30 are at less risk from Covid-19 and not because they are considered to be at particular risk of developing the rare blood clot.) • People under 30 can still choose to have the Oxford AstraZeneca vaccine if this will mean they can be protected more quickly and they have been made aware of the guidance. Please see the leaflet below that has been produced by Public Health England and the NHS to answer any questions you may have.

12.04.21: We have now held two vaccine clinics for second doses of Pfizer; these were for anyone who had a Pfizer vaccine at Bodriggy Surgery in Hayle on or before 31st January. If you have not been called for your second Pfizer vaccine and had your first vaccine on or before 31st January at Bodriggy Surgery in Hayle please contact the surgery. We will have our next Pfizer clinic at the end of April, when we receive a further delivery.

12.04.21: We are starting to contact patients who are due their second Astra Zeneca vaccine, please bear with us! See our post below dated 29.03.21.

29.03.21: FOR PATIENTS WHO HAD THEIR FIRST COVID-19 VACCINE WITH US at Marazion Surgery or Bodriggy Surgery in Hayle.... We will be contacting patients in due course for their SECOND DOSES of the Covid-19 vaccine. If you have not been contacted by the surgery by 12 weeks after your first dose then please get in touch with the surgery. Please do not contact us before this time as we will be working through the lists of many patients. You can contact us by phoning the surgery on 01736710505 after 11am or email us on If you had your first vaccine at Stithians or Truro you will need to return there for your second dose.

15.03.21: We are currently contacting patients in cohorts 8 and 9, patients aged 50-60 years; please ring the surgery after 11am. Anyone in cohorts 1-9 who have not been vaccinated should contact us without delay. If you do not wish to have a vaccination please let us know.

09.03.21: We are currently contacting patients in cohort 7, patients aged 60-65years; please ring the surgery after 11am. Anyone in cohorts 1-6 who have not been vaccinated should contact us without delay. If you do not wish to have a vaccination please let us know.

09.03.21 - Our male patients who have had Covid-19 and who are recovered may be interested in donating plasma - see the poster below. You can also contact the National Call Centre on 0300 123 2323 for more information. UPDATE 12.04.21: They have asked us to stop advertising this so we have shrunk the poster on our website!!

09.03.21: We are moving down through the cohort lists and continue calling patients in for vaccination (as vaccine delivery allows us). If you are in cohorts 1-6 and have not been contacted to come in for a vaccination please contact the surgery to arrange an appointment for this. If you are unsure about cohorts and have a question, please do not phone the surgery, we must keep the phones lines free for non-Covid vaccine related queries. If you have a question about the vaccine programme, please email us on We are also having trouble getting hold of some people to book them in for their appointments. We will try to call and send a text, so please make sure we have the correct mobile number for you on our records. Please email us your mobile number to make sure your records are up to date. is for non-urgent queries and response time can take up to a week so please be patient with us. Many thanks,

26.02.21: This weekend the staff from Marazion Surgery joined Stennack Surgery and Bodriggy Health Centre to collaboratively deliver covid vaccines in Hayle. We are still calling patients in by phone, texting links to book online appointments and sending letters. We are still booking cohort 6 (a large group to get through) and awaiting further instructions on more deliveries of vaccines. If you are aged 65 or over and have not been vaccinated yet, please get in touch with us at the surgery (please call after 11am).

22.02.21: We are continuing to call patients daily by telephone, working our way down through the lists. We are also sending text links for patients to book an appointment on line and patients are being called by NHS England to attend mass vaccination centres locally. We are currently calling in cohort 6 patients aged 16-69years with an underlying health condition, as per government guidelines (see below for details).

10.02.21: If you are aged 70 or older and have not been called or booked for your vaccination please phone the surgery to arrange this. Staff are currently contacting those on the clinically extremely vulnerable cohort 5 aged 65-69years.

04.02.21: We are still contacting patients in the first four cohorts to come in for their vaccinations. We have been vaccinating all week, including our housebound patients and will be vaccinating at the weekend. If you are aged 75 years or older and have not yet booked your vaccine please contact us now. Everyone else, we are working our way down the list of 70-74 year olds in cohort 4 and then will move onto the clinically extremely vulnerable. Thank you for continuing to bear with us.

29.01.21: We will be vaccinating patients this weekend and all of next week, including home visits for housebound people. We are working our way down the list in age order and I know that some of you will have been called to Stithians for your vaccine from NHE England, we do not get told/know who you are, so you may well get a phone call from us at the surgery as well. At the moment we are working on calling cohort 3- those aged 75-79 years of age. We are working as fast as the vaccine supply allows. This also means that the doctors and nurses (as they are the ones vaccinating) are only able to deal with urgent medical matters at present. Please be reassured that we are still here and open. We have a busy couple of weeks ahead of us with our computer migration and the ongoing delivery of the COVID-19 vaccination program. As always your ongoing cooperation and support are appreciated.

25.01.21: Our reception team have been overwhelmed with people calling us today regarding coronavirus vaccine letters from NHS England. If you have received a letter from NHS England inviting you to a central vaccination centre and you have already had your Covid-19 Vaccine, you do NOT need to contact us. Please just ignore the letter. If you have had a letter and not had your Covid-19 vaccine you can either follow the instructions on the letter and attend a central vaccination centre or wait to be contacted by your GP Surgery. We need to keep our telephone lines free for patients with non-covid vaccine related queries. Many thanks,

24.01.21: More patients vaccinated this weekend - well done Team!

18.01.21: Over the weekend and this evening the three East Penwith Practices will have vaccinated over 1000 patients against Covid-19. We are working down the priority lists and although we are able to invite patients aged 70 and over, we have a large number of patients aged 80 and over to vaccinate first. We need our telephone lines to be kept clear for patients that need to contact us about non-Covid related issues and the doctors and nurses need to do telephone consultations. Please DO NOT ring the Practice and ask when you are going to be called. We are working as fast and as safely as we can. We will be in touch with you. We have vaccinated patients in local Nursing Homes who are cohort 1.

14.01.21: We have just had another delivery of Covid vaccines confirmed for next week 23rd/24th, our staff will now continue to work down the list and get more people booked in for their Covid jabs. The service will, for now, continue to be delivered at a central site in Hayle. All details will be given at the time of booking the appointment.

11.01.21: We have finally had confirmation a small amount of the Covid-19 vaccine will be delivered by NHS England next week. This will NOT be delivered to Marazion Surgery but to a central location and the vaccine cannot be moved to the Marazion Surgery for clinical reasons. We will be calling in our eldest patients first as advised by NHS England, those aged 80 and over in cohort 2. Full appointment details will be explained to you when we book your appointment on the telephone. Please do not contact Marazion Surgery asking about the vaccine, we are busy planning and organising to make sure that the vaccines are given to our patients in a safe and effective way. We have a large number of patients to get through and this will take some time, but please be assured that everyone is doing their very best to get to you ASAP and keep you safe.

Dispensary - notice to be given for repeat prescriptions:

Please could you give us AT LEAST THREE WORKING DAYS notice when putting in a request for a repeat prescription. This does not include weekends or bank holidays. It is extremely helpful to have longer notice if possible as this helps us to plan workload throughout the working week. Many thanks for your cooperation and support.

Friends & Family Test Results - February 2021

In February 2021 we had a total of 69 responses; 60 said that they were ‘EXTREMELY LIKELY’, and 5 said that they were ‘Very Likely’ or 'Likely' to recommend our GP Practice to friends and family if they needed similar care or treatment. You told us:

· A fast efficient service delivered with a smile

· Again, an efficient and friendly service.

· All COVID rules easy to follow. Social distancing etc.

· Always helpful, friendly, and highly professional. A Surgery team which really cares for their community.

· Appointment on time nurse friendly

· Arrived on time, had to wait about 30 minutes to be seen. Once seen excellent and efficient service

· Because I was spoken to like a human being and with care. I have been spoken to rushed in the past and feeling of not being cared about.

· Doctor gave me ample time, listened, examined, explained, reassured, and prescribed. Thank you

· Everyone kind and considerate. The fact the virus is around felt very safe and all has been done to keep it that way

· Friendly staff & efficient, appointment was on time.

· I have had 2 recent apps one for the covid vaccine went in straight away out before my appt time. Second appt for a blood test, again appt on time. Same nurse very pleasant, efficient and made me feel relaxed and this during a time when the staff are working at high pressure. Thank you to you all for everything you are doing.

· I was booked for blood test. Completed painlessly. Another issue was also dealt with happily.

· I was extremely happy when attending my appointment today, and the nurse was amazing. Made me feel at ease and extremely comfortable.

· The nurse sought a second opinion being thorough

· Nurse Ferris is always very caring, understanding, and professional.

· The nurse was amazing. However my appointment was at 5 and I wasn’t seen until 525

· They are thorough quick friendly professional wonderful

· Very professional and swift delivery of service

· Well organised and efficient. Staff pleasant too.

Friends & Family Test Results - January 2021

In January 2021 we had a total of 129 responses; 69 said that they were ‘EXTREMELY LIKELY’, and 5 said that they were ‘Very Likely’ or 'Likely' to recommend our GP Practice to friends and family if they needed similar care or treatment. You told us:

· Always pleasant and professional

· Because the surgery always feels safe and the staff helpful and professional

· Efficient, friendly, helpful people

· Excellent service Chloe was brilliant

· Friendly, efficient, kind

· Great service at a difficult time both receptionist and nurse both very polite and professional

· I cannot fault the service at Marazion surgery. Efficient, professional, and friendly. Very safe environment with everybody wearing masks and socially distancing.

· I find I get excellent service across the board

· I gave the rating as 1 as Marazion Surgery gave me the usual excellent service I have come to expect. Professional and efficient. Most importantly respectful and caring.

· It was covid secure. I felt safe. The injection hardly hurt. The Nurse had done it before I knew it. She was brilliant.

· It was very efficient

· Kind staff and very chatty to make me feel at ease

· Short waiting time. Organised quiet surgery. Professional, informative, helpful nurse.

· So friendly and professional. Very competent.

· Staff and doctors very respectful throughout

· super safe, caring and professional

· The nurse was amazing with my little one. Put her totally at ease and was very quick and gentle with the jab

· The nurses are away great and very professional and you feel at ease.

· The score is 1 as the staff member was prompt, polite and very efficient

· The service was excellent, I was seen at the appointed time & the process took about 2 minutes .

· Very pleasant and helpful

National Call and Recall Service for flu vaccinations – outbound telephone calls

The NHS Immunisation Management Service operates the National Call and Recall Service for the flu vaccination programme on behalf of NHS England and NHS Improvement. In addition to initial contact via letters and emails/SMS, it is making approximately 1.3 million follow-up telephone calls to eligible individuals reminding them to book a flu vaccination. This is a legitimate service and not a fraudulent organisation.

Friends & Family Test Results - December 2020

In December 2020 we had a total of 129 responses; 122 said that they were ‘EXTREMELY LIKELY’, and 7 said that they were ‘Very Likely’, to recommend our GP Practice to friends and family if they needed similar care or treatment. You told us:

· Always a friendly and professional experience visiting the practice.

· Always professional friendly and welcoming and in the current circumstances everything is being done well to protect staff and patients. Well done and a merry Christmas to all

· An efficient and friendly service.

· Courteous and efficient service.

· Easy and quick to get appointment. Very good COVID precautions and prompt and friendly staff

· Fast safe and efficient vaccination by Chloe at a time convenient to us

· Felt safe as far as transmission of covid. the nurse was caring and helpful.

· Great fast in/out no hassle

· I always find it a very pain free experience at the surgery. Huge well done to all the staff for keeping their efficiency up at the highest levels during this very difficult time for them. Also wishing you all a very merry Christmas.

· I texted 1as the whole appointment went v well and I've no complaint

· I think there was room for improvement such as equipment that was to be used in room ready and not have to be cleaned while I am waiting thank u

· In and out for my flu jab in 2 minutes. Can't fault the surgery at all at any time.

· It was well organised and I felt completely safe considering the current situation thank you

· it was so good to have my Blood test done and it was nice and Safe. Marazion Surgery is the Safest place.

· Marazion surgery are always very nice. The nurse giving the jab was very friendly and explained things well.

· Marazion, amazing surgery! Very quick, well organised and reassuring. They are the best and we are VERY grateful to you all, thank you!

· My recent experience there at Marazion surgery, I was happy with. Thank you.

· My visit was very well managed and safe with hand washing and masks and well-spaced chairs. The staff I met both in reception and for my appointment were very nice and friendly and I didn't have to wait very long.

· Nurse Elizabeth was super, a professional approach throughout my appointment, patient and thorough whilst checking my BP. Thankyou

· Organisation of process was excellent. At registration was reminded about another unrelated blood test was due (now booked for tomorrow). No waiting at any point and flu jab itself was administered with complete professionalism. Made aware of issue with vaccine by written note beforehand and risk management re COVID overt.

· Prompt efficient polite

· Quick, safe and efficient.

· Staff are always considerate, friendly and caring

· Staff were friendly and very efficient.

· Straight forward Covid procedures. Staff (reception & nurse) were helpful & friendly.

· Swift, excellent and friendly service. Didn't feel injection at all.
Thank you.

· The Drs, nurses and all the staff are always friendly, helpful and so kind and caring.

· The nurse was very professional and reassuring made me feel at ease plus the covid protection in place seemed very good all considered a good experience

· The staff are always polite and very thorough.

· There was safe distancing I was seen on time

· Very caring

· Very efficient & lovely staff

· Very efficient and well organised for these difficult times.

· Very efficient system in place for waiting, very quick, (no waiting at all), felt protected, the jab itself administered with precision so no sore arm, charming staff.

· Very good COVID protection. Great that there was no hanging around. Hand wash facilities could be better - hand towel dispenser required me to touch it.

· Very professional lovely staff

Friends & Family Test Results - November 2020

In November 2020 we had a total of 79 responses; 73 said that they were ‘EXTREMELY LIKELY’, and 4 said that they were ‘Very Likely’, to recommend our GP Practice to friends and family if they needed similar care or treatment. You told us:

· Appointment on time. All completed efficiently, thank you

· As I said. Dr Hotchkiss was lovely. Very thorough and sympathetic- first rate.

· As usual the Marazion surgery is just magnificent. All the staff and the Doctors are wonderful, I cannot praise them enough. And at this terrible covid time they are all truly HEROES-bless them all. Also the NHS. No wonder we are the envy of the world.

· As you enter the door everything is clearly labelled as to what covid protection is in place, hand washing and sanitizer, the chairs are 2 metres apart, not long to wait for appointment, lovely welcome from nurse, made to feel at ease, and everyone who works there is lovely and polite and welcoming during this pandemic

· Care with courtesy appreciated

· Clean airy safe surgery. Came in the back door to empty hallway with no one else there. Nurse was very kind and helpful .... couldn't have been better.

· Clear directions on arrival. Liked the fact that patients had to wash their hands, although it's not ideal that it's behind closed doors. Not everyone washes their hands properly and I can imagine that some people will pretend too. Then you have to open the doors you just went through before washing your hands. I used a paper towel to open the doors again but there was nowhere to put it.

· Compassionate and efficient

· Didn't have to wait. Very efficient and following all Covid rules

· Everyone very polite, Dr Lock was very helpful and understanding, felt very at ease. The surgery has very good safe guard in place concerning corona virus. Relaxing appointment. Excellent

· Everything is so well organised and safe.

· Excellent service as always.

· Excellent service as always.

· Extremely informative and helpful. Thanks doc.

· Having to wait for my appointment.

· Helpful, efficient

· I chose very good -you should have an excellent, for this GP practice is excellent. Drs, Nurses, Pharmacists, reception all wonderful professionals.

· It was an uncomfortable procedure but I was made to feel comfortable and relaxed by both doctor and nurse who were very kind and friendly

· Nurse fantastic gentle polite happy very friendly it was to do with time my appointment for 10am I went in around 20 past I appreciate difficult times etc that's the only reason I marked good other than that surgery very good

· Pleasant and courteous staff. Clear Covid instructions

· Polite courteous and very helpful staff. Approachable and informative. Thank you.

· Professional and prompt service.

· Quick efficient service

· Terrific team...always helpful, friendly and professional. A superb team who really care for their community.

· The appointment was running late but this did not matter as it would for a daytime appt. this is a good appointment option time for me

· The flu clinic was well-organised and efficient

· The nurse very kind to my son when he felt faint whilst giving blood

· The nurse who took my blood was super friendly and excellent at getting blood from my stubborn arm..1st class!

· The procedure I wasn't looking forward to was handled in a very professional and painless way, thank you,

· The surgery is obviously and the staff are working hard to keep the safety rules and the nurse in room 7. Who attended me was very friendly and relaxed, which is helpful,

· Very Covid safe environment; polite thoughtful and caring staff

· Very helpful staff, top COVID security.

· Very kind under trying times

· Well-presented and very hygienic

Thank you very much for taking the time to complete these slips. We appreciate your support.

Social Prescribing

Find out more about social prescribing

Friends & Family Test - results from October 2020

In September 2020 we had a total of 88 responses; 80 said that they were ‘EXTREMELY LIKELY’, and 7 said that they were ‘Very Likely’, to recommend our GP Practice to friends and family if they needed similar care or treatment. You told us:

· A calm, safe, caring environment - as usual!!

· As well as friendliness of staff, they addressed my concerns and it was a very smooth visit. Gold star for nurse giving vaccination - didn't even realise **

· Clear instructions via text about Covid procedures. Friendly receptionist. Really lovely experience from the lady (I believe a nurse) who gave my son his nasal flu vaccination. She was really good with my son and explained it in an approachable manner that he would understand.

· Felt safe and comfortable. This text system is clunky and in the second text the phone number is missing.

· Felt safe going into the surgery with all the precautions taken to keep us safe.

· Friendly and efficient. Seamless experience

· I felt very safe with the measures in place and staff are cheerful and friendly

· I found the staff were helpful overall but the doctor was particularly very understanding and supportive.

· I scored a 1 because as usual the receptionist was welcoming and gave clear instructions as to what I should do as to hand washing. The nurse that took my bloods was really friendly and I didn’t feel rushed. They are all working in extreme circumstances but were still caring and professional. Thank you.

· I went for a smear test, I was made to feel at ease with no embarrassment, Helen the nurse was totally professional and it was over in a few minutes, I was also very impressed with the covid safety measures in place, I would not be worried about attending the surgery in the future, I felt totally safe, well done to the staff and thank you.

· Marazion surgery was clean and well organised with good social distancing

· Pleasant, COVID safe, efficient.

· Polite professional and reassuring staff.

· Quick, efficient and safe.

· Staff always kind, and everyone organised

· Super nurses taking excellent care

· Swift efficient and friendly

· The Doctor and Student Doctor were both punctual, professional, polite and thorough in their diagnosis of my eye condition. Other health matters were discussed and addressed, which under the current challenging circumstances, for which I was extremely grateful, once again many thanks to everyone at Marazion Surgery

· The flu vaccination clinic was so quick and well organised this year it was brilliant!

· The nurse I saw today at Marazion surgery was very pleasant and efficient, despite having a very busy day, couldn't ask for more.

· The nurse was very patient with my son who did not like having his flu nasal spray. Allowed us time to calm him down

· The team there are very helpful and I always come away happy

· Very friendly, quick and covid aware.

· Very welcoming, efficient, professional staff, made me feel at ease. The covid changes were very well organised and I felt very safe, thank you all!

· Very well organised. Efficient, competent , pleasant manner of all staff encountered

· Very well organised. I felt totally safe and the staff were efficient and very friendly.

· We have been with Marazion surgery for 30 years now and never had cause for complaint. Excellent service

· Welcoming and friendly approach. Efficient and excellent care. Good advice and supplies. Thank you

Friends & Family Test - results from September 2020

In September 2020 we had a total of 72 responses; 68 said that they were ‘EXTREMELY LIKELY’, and 3 said that they were ‘Very Likely’, to recommend our GP Practice to friends and family if they needed similar care or treatment. You told us:

· Always helpful and full of smiles.

· Appointment was given quickly after e-consult was considered and was seen promptly following morning

· Because Marazion surgery staff are ALWAYS so kind, helpful, caring and understanding. Going that extra mile to help you. The Drs always make time to really listen. Lovely phone conversation with Dr Killeen today, like talking to a professional best friend. Always so lovely. Thankyou x

· Cheerful -helpful -happy staff, best surgery I have been a patient to. Thanx

· Clear safety instructions re Covid. Appointment on time. Nurse friendly and efficient

· Excellent doctors

· Friendly and professional as ever. Felt very Covid safe.

· Friendly efficient no hassle

· Good Service

· Helpful efficient

· Helpful staff, efficient service.

· I arrived on time for my 08:00 appointment at 08:25 I asked receptionist why It was so late, she was unsure and went to investigate at 08:35 I was finally seen by a different nurse who explained my original nurse did not start work till 09:30 - We are sorry that the nurse was delayed that morning and hope you were given a full apology at the time.

· I couldn't ask for a better service, I was seen the same day and the doctor was really nice and sorted out a referral for me

· Nurse was pleasant and helpful.

· Prompt painless and safe. Ta

· Quick and efficient.

· Really friendly and professional. I had to have my appointment over the phone which I was worried about not seeing a GP face to face. Very understanding as I tried to explain my current health & obtaining a Fitness Note.

· The service I received was very professional and comprehensive.

· Usual excellent service

· Very efficient during COVID. Friendly staff and seen immediately.

· Very prompt and efficient procedure and very friendly and welcoming ambience

· Very well organized and felt safe.

· We always have excellent service. No complaints.

· Well organised for everyone’s safety, appointment on time and as always delivered with a smile

Thank you very much for taking the time to complete these slips. We appreciate your support.

Friends & Family Test - results from August 2020

In August 2020 we had a total of 60 responses; 53 said that they were ‘EXTREMELY LIKELY’, and 3 said that they were Very Likely, to recommend our GP Practice to friends and family if they needed similar care or treatment. You told us:

· Although I'd been told twice I was seeing two doctors, one a regular and one a registrar, in the end it was only the registrar I saw - she didn’t know why I was told I'd see two. That’s the only thing I’d take issue with that I was twice told I’d see the doctor WITH the registrar, not just the registrar. The registrar herself was very good, hence my score. Attentive, thorough, and reassuring, and I think informed enough of what the issue entails, so, long may she continue in this way as these are traits all doctors should ideally have. We apologise for this misunderstanding; this is the procedure for when we have medical students but not for our Registrar who is a qualified doctor.

· Amazing Service from a Genuinely Caring Staff… Many Thanks

· Efficient, polite service

· Felt safe with COVID, you wash hands and had masks on and the nurse wore PPE

· Felt safe.

· Felt very safe and well organised

· Friendly professional approach.

· Helpful & polite staff, clean & tidy premises.

· I felt safe. Everything was well planned and staff knew procedures. Until a vaccine for Covid is found and we’re all more protected, I'm very supportive of all the measures you have taken and hope they continue. I did wonder why you have dropped taking temps on entry. I took mine at home before arriving ... normal! This was stopped following national advice and due to practical issues.

· I was contacted by Helen Brodie who gave an excellent explanation of the vaccination I was being offered. An appointment was made at this time. I was then sent specific information re attending Marazion surgery. I was asked not to arrive early to avoid congestion in the waiting room and that a mask would be required. At the surgery there were specific instructions for hand washing etc and I noticed that the receptionist did ask if they thought people hadn't followed these instructions. Helen was waiting with the prepared vaccination to avoid unnecessary waiting. The appointment was quick, unnecessary waiting was avoided due to good preparation and staff were polite and informative

· It was quick and efficient with good signage about safety.

· Marazion surgery, as far as I am concerned are always on top of their game

· 19 phone calls to get through to you yesterday, I have an ECG I phone for the results they’ve been sent to a doctor that's on holiday so can you phone back in 2 days for the result? ie 3 days after you have it, it's my heart not a verruca. We apologise that you had difficulty in contacting us; all results are reviewed prior to being forwarded to a doctor on leave so any urgent actions would have been followed up. However if you would like us to look into this further please contact the Practice Manager with your details.

· Pleasant and professional staff

· Rated very good experience as instructions on entering were clear, waiting room was well spaced, staff polite, informed and friendly. Safe and efficient environment

· Return call from doctor within a couple of hours, appointment same day along with blood tests, reassure and relevant medication prescribed, could not have asked for more.

· Seen on time and quickly dealt with

· Skilled, courteous and friendly

· The Nurse listened, was very considerate and gave me lots of information about my situation

· The team that where cleaning in the waiting room where friendly and put me at ease about being there and the nurse was brilliant. She didn't faff or anything just kept talking to me as I don't like having blood taken and she was really helpful. Only thing that let it down was paper and junk everywhere. Surely with Covid19 everything should be wipe-clean. There are hundreds of leaflets in waiting rooms and in the surgery there was junk everywhere. Thanks. We are pleased to hear that the nurse was so helpful. We will ensure that all rooms are kept tidier.

Thank you very much for taking the time to complete these slips. We appreciate your support.

With an anticipated influx of tourists to Cornwall from 4th of July 2020, we ask that all holidaymakers call 111 if you need urgent care. Alternatively you may wish to contact your registered GP Practice who will have access to all of your medical details. They can also send your usual prescriptions electronically to a pharmacy closer to you. By taking these actions you are helping the local NHS to minimise the number of minor presentations to our emergency department and to ensure people are directed to the appropriate service or self-care options. Please support us by passing on the use of 111 first message to family and friends so that we can avoid overcrowding and the increased risk of Covid-19 transmission to patients and staff. Thank you for your continued support.

Do you need urgent NHS care in Cornwall? Then contact NHS 111

There’s a new system in Cornwall if you need urgent – but not emergency – care.

Just contact NHS 111 by phone or online at any time of day or night, to find out where you should go and when.

If needed, expert clinicians will arrange for you to be seen at the Emergency Department (ED) or at our range of other treatment units.

Please don’t just turn up, as you may be directed elsewhere or have to wait longer.

This is a new way of accessing urgent care in Cornwall, to make sure everyone stays as safe as possible during the pandemic

It will help the NHS manage the flow of patients when capacity in waiting rooms is much smaller than before, to maintain distancing and reduce the risk of infection

It means you will get the right treatment, more quickly - and probably closer to home as well

And if you’re a visitor to Cornwall, you don’t need to look up details of NHS services if you need urgent treatment – just phone 111 or go online at:

Arrangements have not changed for people with serious or life-threatening illnesses or injuries. Please continue to dial 999 as before.

Friends & Family Test Results

In July 2020 we had a total of 62 responses; 60 said that they were ‘EXTREMELY LIKELY’, and 2 said they were very likely, to recommend our GP Practice to friends and family if they needed similar care or treatment. You told us:

· Although under the pressure of Covid, the nurses are always so friendly and make you feel at ease.

· Empty waiting room, straight in and out, good hand washing, the whole experience felt safe

· Excellent all round

· Excellent friendly service

· My leg ulcer was treated and bandaged in a friendly and efficient manner hence my "very good" rating

· My visit was prompt and the nurse and everyone was very helpful and made me feel at a ease

· Pleased with the service

· Really friendly staff

· The Doctor and Nurse l saw together were incredibly kind, patient and reassuring.

· The staff are always friendly and helpful at the surgery whenever I need to visit.

· Very helpful staff and friendly

· Well-managed, friendly & I felt safe

Thank you very much for taking the time to complete these slips. We appreciate your support.

Friends & Family Test Results

In June 2020 we had a total of 49 responses; ALL said that they were ‘EXTREMELY LIKELY’ to recommend our GP Practice to friends and family if they needed similar care or treatment. You told us:

· As always I'm very happy with everything especially with the care and prevention procedures taken regarding Coronavirus. Thank you!

· Because their standards are very good.

· Considering the current situation, I was pleased that I could get to have my tests etc done in the surgery, and I wasn't passed off to a hospital, because the surgery may not be seeing people. My partner is high risk (and me to a degree) and we have been very diligent not to mix with others. I therefore did not want to go to a hospital, for blood tests, ecg etc. Nurse at surgery was excellent :)

· Everything ran smoothly, on time. Very efficient and professional

· Everything went smoothly, thank you.

· Excellent service from all staff members spoken to. Nurse answered queries asked, kind & caring. Great service as usual from a fantastic surgery.

· Felt that my visit was as 'safe' as it could be re Covid-19. Preferred the waiting area being emptier. Thank you for using soap and water rather than sanitizer, latter causes contact dermatitis on my hands.

· Found staff friendly and helpful and made a stressful situation easier. So very good xx

· Great nurses, felt extremely safe all the time I was there, fully protected & actually sorted another issue whilst there to save further visits. Thank you all

· I chose the highest score because once again I have received an exceptional standard of service and care. Many Thanks To You All. Please Stay Safe.

· I was seen as urgent on time, socially distancing procedure made me have confidence. Doctor took plenty of time and delivered very thorough care. The service l received and advice given was excellent.

· I was seen promptly, dealt with efficiently & everyone was very friendly. Great service, thank you very much!

· I'm disabled and they were very accommodating when I asked if I could be seen in the nearest room to reception. Also Lee, the gentleman on reception, was very kind, helpful and patient with me.

· Marazion Surgery has a terrific team. Always friendly, helpful and professional.

· Most excellent efficient safe and polite service. The medal you all deserve would be far too big to wear.

· Relaxed reassuring approach.

· Staff were friendly and efficient.

· The best in the West

· The surgery have been brilliant the way they looked after my husband this week.

· Totally professional!!

· Very well organised due to Covid-19. Nurse also very helpful and reassuring. Thank you x

· Was made to feel safe at this awful time. The staff very friendly and chatty

Thank you very much for taking the time to complete these slips. We appreciate your support.

Monitoring of blood pressure

If you have your own BP monitor at home, please contact the surgery with your blood pressure reading. We only need one reading every 12 months. If the reading is high you may be asked to provide a weeks’ worth of BP readings or be asked to wear a monitor for 24 hours.

Healthwatch Cornwall Coronavirus Survey

Healthwatch Cornwall is an independent champion for people in Cornwall who use health and social care services, these services have had to drastically change the support they offer the public in response to the Covid-19/coronavirus pandemic.

We would like to know how these changes are working for you and for those you care for or support, your input and assistance will be invaluable in helping us to understand and feed this back to service providers locally and nationally.

  • Has information been easily accessible?
  • Have you experienced changes to your care?
  • Is there a noticeable difference to services?
  • What’s your experience of the lockdown generally?

The survey will only require 10-15 minutes of your time and the information gathered will help to highlight and address any concerns or gaps you have experienced in the health and social care space.

We would really appreciate you taking the time to complete the survey by following the link or calling us directly on T: 0800 0381 281 We will also be sharing the results with Public Health Cornwall, NHS Kernow, Healthwatch England and other local health and social care providers to make improvements based on your feedback.

Advice on patients wearing face coverings in practices

The surgery has a legal responsibility to protect staff and patients from risks associated with COVID-19. Wearing a face covering is an added precaution that may have some benefit in reducing the likelihood that a person with the infection passes it on. Evidence shows a face covering can help in reducing the spread of droplets; it stops them from leaving the mouth and nose area and reduces the size of area in which they spread. A medical grade clinical mask is not necessary. These need to be prioritised to clinical staff working in high risk areas. Instead, for patients who are visiting healthcare sites, a face covering is sufficient and there is national guidance for people to follow to make these at home with items they may already own.

Friends & Family Test - May 2020

In May 2020 we had a total of 32 responses; ALL said that they were ‘EXTREMELY LIKELY’ to recommend our GP Practice to friends and family if they needed similar care or treatment. You told us:

· All Round Top Quality, Genuinely Caring Service From Everyone @ Marazion Surgery.... Thank-you and Please Stay Safe....

· Always a pleasant experience when we have to go to Marazion Surgery. Lovely doctors and nurses and support staff, efficient but also very kind.

· Always great communication and am really impressed with the steps taken for safety during this virus pandemic. Lovely staff as always. Thank you

· Best surgery in Cornwall

· Excellent service in these very difficult times. Well done to all, including dispensary. We appreciate your hard work and dedication. Thank you for keeping us safe and looking after us all.

· Extreme PPE protocol

· Felt totally safe. Very professional and reassuring service. Well done Marazion Surgery!!

· Friendly professionalism

· I used that answer because as soon as I was received at the door I had a good welcome and was made at ease, everything was explained to me and was carried out with precision, I thank you for that.

· My husband had a blood test taken today and the staff were very friendly and professional especially at this time

· My husband who had an appointment today was very anxious and also suffers from dementia. He came back pleased that you all were very helpful. Thank you for making him feel comfortable about going to his next appointments.

· Top of Form

· Simply the best Surgery. Staff are very Professional at what they do. Bottom of Form

· Very organised, safe environment, pleasant staff, all makes a stress-free visit

· Very well organised due to Covid-19. Nurse also very helpful and reassuring. Thank you x

Thank you very much for taking the time to complete these slips. We appreciate your support.

If you have any concerns about Coronavirus please DO NOT COME TO THE SURGERY

More information for patients can be found at:

If you are concerned that you may have coronavirus or may have come into contact with someone who has, the NHS 111 online service has created coronavirus pages that tell you what you should do based on your particular circumstances: These can be found at:

Booking appointments on-line using The Waiting Room has been temporarily suspended following advice from the NHS, due to Covid-19.

If you have a high temperature and/or a new continuous cough, you should self-isolate for 7 days. You do not need to contact NHS111 or the Surgery to tell them that you are staying at home. Do not come into the surgery, pharmacy or hospital. Use the NHS 111 on-line Coronavirus service if you feel you cannot cope with your symptoms at home, your condition gets worse or you do not get better after 7 days. For more information:

Friends & Family Test - April 2020

In April 2020 we had a total of 38 responses; ALL said that they were ‘EXTREMELY LIKELY’ to recommend our GP Practice to friends and family if they needed similar care or treatment. You told us:

· A very good team. Always friendly, helpful and professional. Top marks.

· Appropriate measures taken to avoid spreading the virus, service as always on time and efficient.

· Considering the difficult circumstances you are all working under today was easy to book and attend. Many thanks

· Everything was clean and I was checked out and was made at ease

· Fantastic staff

· Friendly efficient staff as always

· Helpful, polite and cheerful in these difficult times.

· I was seen promptly, dealt with efficiently & everyone was very friendly. Great service, thank you very much!

· It was very surreal being dealt with in the car park but well done.

· On time, friendly and efficient in hard times

· Polite professional Dr Killeen put me at ease in what could be an embarrassing examination

· Receptionist (I think she is called Sharon) was and is always kind and friendly. She was great with my little boy taking his temperature as we came into the surgery. Chloe the nurse was brilliant! Very friendly and informative about the injections my son was having.

· Service first class and risk minimised as far as reasonably practicable.

· They are coping considerably under current circumstances

· They were efficient, friendly & safe. Thank you NHS

· Very friendly, still all very positive with a smile on their faces. Also willing to listen to other issues not involving Covid-19. Also coming up with other options for our care instead of nothing

· Very happy with the service at Marazion Surgery. Answered the call swiftly with great friendliness. Offered an appointment quickly and explained in detail how to go about the appointment with the current pandemic. When I saw Dr Killeen I couldn't have asked for a better service. I hope these individuals can be praised and valued for their fantastic work. I would like to say THANK YOU TO YOU ALL!!

Thank you very much for taking the time to complete these slips. We appreciate your support.

Friends & Family Test - March 2020

In March 2020 we had a total of 51 responses; ALL said that they were ‘EXTREMELY LIKELY’ to recommend our GP Practice to friends and family if they needed similar care or treatment. You told us:

· Dr Gambles is a superb GP

· Dr Sugrue is always very thorough and if necessary will order further tests

· Friendly staff and service from all at the surgery, in these trying times.

· Have received excellent and swift treatment today delivered in a most professional and sensitive manner

· Helpful and professional doctor

· I always receive very good care and support from all the staff that I have seen there.

· I am nearly 60 so have been visiting doctors for a long time. Marazion surgery is easiest the best most caring. St Agnes surgery was good and my mum still attends there. They are good but I think you have the edge. Thank you

· I have always have had excellent treatment from the team

· Marazion Surgery are Simply the Best.

· My regular doctor, Dr Lock has always been brilliant!! The reception staff are great too.

· Newly introduced simple entrance procedures.

· Professional, efficient and friendly.

· The doctors at Marazion Surgery always take my concerns/ailments very seriously and consider different options to eliminate possible issues. The receptionists are always polite.

· The GP I saw was friendly, sensitive, considerate and conversational. This makes a difference to the doctor-patient relationship.

· The Staff are wonderful, even when under immense pressure.

· Very good, on time

· Very kind and helpful staff

Thank you very much for taking the time to complete these slips. We appreciate your support.

Requesting your Medication

We have been overwhelmed with prescription requests recently. We understand that people are worried but PLEASE do not stock pile medication, or indeed request it when you don't need it. We are not able to issue more than one month's supply of medication at a time.

Please register for our on-line service to request regular medications as this is the most efficient way for staff at this very busy time; the application form and further information can be found by clicking the link to The Waiting Room. The dispensary telephone line is very busy so please avoid using this unless absolutely necessary. Requests for medication can be dropped into the surgery; there is a post box outside by the back door or just inside the main doors. We are operating our dispensary through the window straight into the car park, to avoid people having to enter the surgery itself and keep risks to a minimum.

Friends & Family Test - February 2020

In February 2020 we had a total of 84 responses; 79 said that they were ‘EXTREMELY LIKELY’ and 4 said that they were ‘LIKELY’ to recommend our GP Practice to friends and family if they needed similar care or treatment. You told us:

· All staff at Marazion are extremely friendly and helpful.

· All staff at surgery are polite helpful and confident. Doctors eager to help and reassure. Referrals have always been dealt with promptly. Having such a brilliant surgery is one very strong reason we are reluctant to move from this area.

· All staff members are friendly and helpful. I always feel well supported when attending the surgery whether that is for myself or my daughter.

· Always able to get appointments on the day. Staff very friendly and helpful. Would highly recommend

· Appointment on time as usual.

· As always I come away from the surgery feeling I've been listened to and offered the right treatment always

· Cheerful excellent service

· Dealt with by a professional, very friendly member of staff. Was put at ease with pleasant banter.

· Doctor very thorough and considerate - left feeling informed and at ease

· Doctors are accessible both in terms of ease of getting appointments and in their manner in the consulting room. Friendly and approachable reception and pharmacy staff. All inspire confidence of a practice well run and considerate of patients' needs.

· Dr Gambles was friendly and polite with clear instructions and advice

· Easy to get an appointment

· Efficient, friendly and helpful staff. On-site dispensary is fantastic. Would definitely recommend the surgery. Thank you for on-going care.

· Excellent nurse care and holiday advice

· Friendly and engaging receptionists and appointments easier for people on shift work to book, that is a very big plus, they do their jobs very well. In emergencies and tailoring for people that need care for their elderly parents and I'm sure many other services. These are some of the needs that have been met to a high standard when using this practice over the years. The pharmacy is very helpful being part of the practice and is helpful to elderly and disabled and young mothers as they can usually get medication straight away. And makes life that much easier.

· Friendly and professional doctor

· Had an appointment with the nurse who was very understanding about my problem l felt very relaxed and able to talk.

· I had an injection, a blood test and a blood pressure check. They were carried out quickly and efficiently by two different nurses. I was very satisfied with the treatment I received.

· I wasn't turned away even though I was 5 minutes late. I didn't have to wait too long till I was seen. Doc was helpful.

· I wasn't very happy about the way a nurse treated me for a blood test

· Marazion Surgery is a place where I trust and like every doctor, every nurse and healthcare provider. Getting the treatment I need is easy. It's a great surgery.

· We are pleased with the service we get

· Never had a problem with the service provided.

· Polite and helpful

· Professional helpful and polite, can usually get an appt when needed.

· Slight wait for my appointment today, but normally on time. Nurse was very informative and the surgery is very well appointed and comfortable.

· Speedy service and friendly informative advice

· Staff all friendly & understanding.

· Staff are always friendly and helpful. Dr Killeen so kind and caring. Thank you.

· Staff are friendly. Doctors take the time to listen and explain about things.

· The doctors, nurses, dispensary staff, and receptionists are so kind, knowledgeable and go to such lengths to help patients I consider, Marazion Surgery to be among the best practices in the country. It's a true credit to what the NHS stands for.

· The GP was pleasant and it was nice that they encouraged me with moving forward and the few times I have spoken to Dr Murphy, I can see I am very capable of doing well, although I have some health problems.

· Very caring nothing too much trouble great Drs and nurses

· Very helpful, knowledgeable and reassuring

· Very understanding and responsive

· We are very happy with the surgery, always get appointments, receptionists are always helpful, doctors are brilliant and nurses are brilliant .

Friends & Family Test - January 2020

In January 2020 we had a total of 102 responses; 95 said that they were ‘EXTREMELY LIKELY’ and 3 said that they were ‘LIKELY’ to recommend our GP Practice to friends and family if they needed similar care or treatment. You told us:

· A brilliant surgery with excellent doctors and nurses!

· Always have provided excellent service

· Always very happy with all levels of care and service at Marazion Surgery for over 20 years.

· As always, appointment on time. Very efficient.

· Because everyone is so nice and friendly, great doctors

· Because I really like my surgery, doctors & nurses.

· Brilliant doctor who is so kind and caring and good

· Brilliant Service from An Amazing Team Of Professionals. . . .Been At This Surgery For 25+ Years & Never Ever Had A Problem . . .

· Care and follow up checks are second to none during my 20 years as a patient... wouldn't go anywhere else

· Dr Battle provides an excellent service for us elderly patients.

· Dr Gambles is an amazing GP, she puts you completely at ease and is very knowledgeable. She has an excellent sense of humour and always ensures you have all information needed. If only all GPs were as good as Dr Gambles

· Dr I saw always friendly and helpful

· Excellent & friendly

· Excellent care and time taken by doctor to assess situation all staff very efficient. Thank you

· Excellent knowledgeable staff and quick service

· Excellent service, friendly staff and dispensary onsite.

· Exceptionally good at taking blood. Best I have ever experienced anywhere.

· Friendly staff doctors and nurses. Pleasant surroundings.

· Friendly staff who put you at ease is the best part of visiting the surgery. And it is easy to park, that's a big bonus :-)

· I gave this score because I am completely satisfied with the service.

· I have been using Marazion surgery since 1975 and have always found all the doctors and nurses very good.

· I've always find the staff to be friendly, helpful and accommodating.

· Kind, caring and respectful

· Marazion Surgery is the Best Surgery by far. The Doctors are very Professional, the Nurses are the same. Dispensary do an amazing job. Receptionists are very Pleasant. No better to be when sick.

· Good treatment, polite nurse no complaints

· My doctor explained in full how and why my problem had occurred. I was given a careful examination followed by treatment and further care instructions. My doctor was fully engaged with me as her patient.

· Nothing is ever too much trouble. superb practice

· Nurse Ferris was so lovely.. my 1st smear, 1st trip to the surgery.. i was so nervous and yet she put me at ease. She advised me of other services available.

· Nurse slightly harsher to approach. Efficient but rushed due to clinic running late.

· Perfect surgery in every way

· Ran to time. Helpful.

· Really thorough examination and lovely sympathetic manner

· Reception staff are so helpful when you ring up. Have never had to wait too long for appt. All staff are friendly and helpful.

· Same day appointment; excellent service; good outcome

· Saw medical students and then Dr Gambles. All seemed very thorough and gave what appears to be sound advice.

· Service was prompt. Nurse and reception staff helpful and friendly. Thank you.

· Staff are always cheerful, helpful and make you feel comfortable.

· The nurse was really friendly and informative. She gave the information I needed in a clear way and was happy to answer any questions. I highly recommend her.

· The service we receive from the surgery is excellent.. Doctors and receptionists all good. Referrals, where necessary have always been dealt with promptly. The surgery is one reason we are loathe to leave the area.

· There cannot be a better surgery and dispensary anywhere in ??????

· Thorough investigation, examination and clear explanation

· Why not?

· You are always given such professional care , time you never feel rushed. Very lucky amazing thank you.

Thank you very much for taking the time to complete these slips. We appreciate your support.

Choose Well Campaign

We are delighted to welcome Ben Mitchell from NHS Kernow to Marazion Surgery today. He is promoting Winter Well-Being (how to look after yourself this winter) and Choose Well (information on the most appropriate place to get the help, advice or treatment you need).

up up

Patient Participation Group - please complete our patient survey

We would be very grateful to hear your views - please complete our Patient Participation Group patient survey; click on the link below. Many thanks.

Remember to update your Mobile Telephone Number!

Children often have their parents mobile telephone numbers on their records and as they get older this is not recommended due to confidentiality. If you are over the age of 11 years and you have your own mobile number that you would prefer us to use, we can add this information to your records. If you have any queries about this please speak to a member of staff.

Whenever you change your mobile number please remember to let us know so that we can update your records. It is your responsibility to ensure that our records are kept up to date so that we can contact you easily in an emergency. Thank you.

Friends & Family Test Results

Friends & Family Test - December 2019

In December 2019 we had a total of 66 responses; 62 said that they were ‘EXTREMELY LIKELY’ and 3 said that they were ‘LIKELY’ to recommend our GP Practice to friends and family if they needed similar care or treatment. You told us:

· A helpful practice

· Always very efficient and prompt.

· Because I had an appointment, was seen by a doctor and received medication with no fuss and no delay. In spite of it being Christmas next week. Thank you.

· Because I was dealt with promptly and had a very good nurse

· Because staff are always cheerful and kind.

· Because they are all so lovely and caring and efficient in my own experience

· Clean and welcoming surgery and pleasant staff. They listen and support you and the doctors treat you with respect and understanding.

· Doctors and staff excellent, all very friendly and helpful, I would recommend the surgery.

· Dr Lock's clinic was running on time which was great. The surgery is modern, clean, light and airy with good parking and the staff are friendly

· Everyone was so nice and kind

· First class treatment from doctor however appointment 27 mins late which made me worry that I hadn't heard the tannoy

· Getting to know you but I like you as a surgery so far so good. Ask me again in the New Year but be assured I like you, just takes time. Any more questions let me know.

· Good Service

· Good treatment

· Great service knowledgeable staff and appointments on time

· Have always looked after me well

· I will always highly recommend Marazion surgery. I'm a carer and deal with the staff for appointments and the staff in the dispensing and all have been excellent in their service and have more than once been extremely helpful so recommend you to people DEFINITELY

· Kept waiting for 25min. Doctor apologetic but still at that early in the morning it was a long delay already

· My appointment was a late evening one and on time. This was a follow up appointment and my doctor took time to explain results and to arrange follow on treatment. She was very informative and courteous

· Pleased with the service with the surgery and doctors

· Service is always excellent

· The doctors, nurses & all the staff are always so helpful, kind and caring.

· The staff always seem to be thorough. The nurse who I saw today was excellent. Made me feel at ease.

· The team at Marazion are the reason I've survived so far this year through massive depression and becoming teetotal. Without their consistent support, care and obvious understanding of me I would not be alive today. I would recommend them to anyone and thank them wholeheartedly

· They are a good team at Marazion surgery. The GP I saw was easy to talk to and he listened to what I had to say.

· Very friendly and excellent service.

Thank you very much for taking the time to complete these slips. We appreciate your support.

Friends & Family Test - November 2019

In November 2019 we had a total of 83 responses; 79 said that they were ‘EXTREMELY LIKELY’ and 2 said that they were ‘LIKELY’ to recommend our GP Practice to friends and family if they needed similar care or treatment. You told us:

· All the support staff and the doctors are really helpful and you are treated with respect and they are happy to advise and explain. Follow up treatment is always timely and you are kept updated

· Efficient friendly helpful staff

· Excellent service and knowledge pleasant personality

· First time I have seen Dr Lock but he had obviously taken time to read my notes and was realistic and clear about what I could expect

· Friendly helpful receptionist booked appt by phone. Saw Dr at appt time (though I do understand if there are delays), Dr was pleasant and professional and good listener. Discussed the need for medication and not just given a prescription for sake of it. Left feeling confident as to next steps.

· Helen Green is a most professional lady and always treats me with a sensitive and caring approach. I always depart the surgery feeling I have had the very best attention.

· Helpful reassuring

· I always receive very good care and support from all the staff.

· I gave 1 as my answer because Marazion Surgery has always been good to me and my family.

· I have always found everyone at Marazion surgery to be professional, compassionate and helpful. Never feel patronised and we don't seem to suffer from too many delays at all to make an appointment unless you want a specified doctor.

· Informative and exceptionally professional Nurse... I practically didn't feel inoculations. Thank you

· It’s just brill!!

· Kind, considerate, understanding, helpful and caring

· The nurse I saw today was so caring and took time on what is a normal very busy day to listen to me and gave me reassurance. Thank you.

· The nurse was well prepared and carried out the injection efficiently and in a friendly manner.

· The surgery is friendly and efficient

· This is the 2nd minor op I have had at the surgery and I really appreciate it, seeing as I was told I couldn't have it done on NHS - on both occasions both the nurse and doctor were really lovely and considerate

· This particular service was friendly, supportive and professional and I only had to wait 3 weeks for this procedure (coil clinic). Both the Doctor and the Nurse who carried it out were excellent.

· Very compassionate & understanding. Dealt with the immediate issue & then got back to me immediately regarding further appointments needed.

· Very friendly and helpful staff

· Very pleasant and efficient staff. Quick to accommodate at short notice

· Very straight forward, no complications and most helpful staff

Thank you very much for taking the time to complete these slips. We appreciate your support.

Friends & Family Test - October 2019

In October 2019 we had a total of 97 responses; 87 said that they were ‘EXTREMELY LIKELY’ and 6 said that they were ‘LIKELY’ to recommend our GP Practice to friends and family if they needed similar care or treatment. You told us:

· After 29 years, we have never had cause for complaint. Excellent surgery and service. X

· Always friendly and helpful

· Always so kind, caring and helpful.

· Chose 1 because surgery staff are so friendly and helpful always. Much appreciated.

· Dr Killeen was and is kind, caring and understanding. Thank you.

· Efficient friendly helpful staff

· Excellent and friendly

· Excellent knowledgeable staff and quick service

· Fast appointment, friendly staff and made you feel at ease when having private things to talk about.

· Fast efficient appt booking service. Polite, helpful staff. Procedures carried out with care and on time, Information and apologies given if surgery is running late. Overall extremely happy with Marazion surgery, thanks

· Faultless Service....

· Friendly and professional nurse

· friendly and professional service

· Friendly team; I felt very comfortable in their care

· Friendly. Reassuring Consultation

· Have been with them for 29 years. Excellent service.

· Helen Green is most professional and reassuring. I have great respect for her as member of the nursing staff at Marazion.

· Helpful staff. Good doctors Good communication. Pleasant surrounding

· I received great treatment from a caring and professional team. Thank you

· Knowledgeable and friendly nurse, recognising age of patient and the need to minimise visits to the surgery. Clinic running on time.

· Marazion surgery is an exceptional place! Very efficient-if waiting times extend they tend to be short and you are informed of such! Good and informative doctors! Answer any questions with clarity that may concern you! Cannot find any faults at all! Pleased to be a patient there!

· Marazion Surgery is outstanding.

· No waiting and helpful and motivated doctor

· Not sure


· Saw an ear specialist last year as I lost hearing in both ears and was advised to not to have ears syringed or to put anything in them as I have surfers ear and to seek a referral to the specialist from GP. GP told me to use olive oil.

· The doctor was very nice and very helpful.

· Very kind and thoughtful professionals. Going to see a doctor about anything can be stressful and they both made the appointment much less so.

· Very professional, helpful and patient focused

· Very satisfied with my treatment.

· Wonderful staff who go above and beyond

Thank you very much for taking the time to complete these slips. We appreciate your support.

Friends & Family Test - September 2019

In September 2019 we had a total of 118 responses; 115 said that they were ‘EXTREMELY LIKELY’ and 3 said that they were ‘LIKELY’ to recommend our GP Practice to friends and family if they needed similar care or treatment. You told us:

· All doctors, nurses and staff are professional, friendly and know their jobs inside out.

· Because all staff are always so helpful, kind, caring and understanding.

· Being able to phone first thing in the morning, and getting to see a doctor the same day, excellent, polite, friendly staff

· Both my late wife & I have received much care & consideration with all our medical needs, for which I shall always be most grateful. Thank you so much.

· Cheerful staff, reassuring.

· Dr Lock is excellent with a very calm and professional manner. Overall I have always been impressed by the staff and services at Marazion

· Ease of making appointments, excellent doctors and staff, own pharmacy.

· Everyone is nice

· Excellent service. Seen very quickly. Painless injections

· Excellent surgery

· Fast on time service

· Friendly and efficient staff, excellent doctors and nurses, pleasant surroundings, what’s not to like.

· Great friendly service

· Have already recommended Marazion Surgery to my daughter. Very efficient Surgery, always feel welcomed and supported when managing my long term illness.

· Hi I have a score of 1 because the booking in system was very efficient; I was seen almost immediately which was about eight minutes before my appointment time. Nurse Wills was fantastic, very professional and put me at ease. I was finished by the time my appointment should have started. Very impressed.

· I can always get an appointment when I need one and the doctors are excellent

· I feel safe and supported by an amazing team

· I first texted '5' in response to your question, then realised that it should have been '1' for the best positive response. I tried to change this, but the negative feedback may have reached you first (sorry)! I would definitely recommend this surgery to others, as my experience has been that it is the best surgery we've ever been registered with - conditions have been dealt with appropriately, and I like the ability to use online prescription requests, receive text reminders etc. The staff are great and it's easy to park.

· I have always found the Docs and Staff very friendly and efficient.

· I have been a patient for over 14 years and have always had timely, courteous and appropriate treatment.

· Joined the Surgery at the end of last year and have had friendly and excellent care since I moved in with my daughter. I’m 88.

· Just really satisfied with the whole process.

· Parking easy, efficiency and speed of service, cheerfulness and courtesy of the lady who treated us.

· Quick arranging appointment. Appointment prompt and quick.

· The Best Surgery Around.

· The nurse was on time, smiley, chatty, made me feel at ease. Very happy with Marazion surgery

· Very good caring surgery in every respect.

· We are delighted with our Surgery. Cannot praise all the staff enough. They are very friendly, helpful and understanding and very supportive. Thank you Marazion Surgery.

· We are lucky to have such a good surgery. The Doctors, nurses and staff are the best. When you hear stories about other surgeries we know how lucky we are. We have faith in our Doctors to give the best advice and deal with our illnesses. When you attend the surgery you always know you will be treated with respect and a friendly manner. Can't fault Marazion Surgery.

Thank you very much for taking the time to complete these slips. We appreciate your support.

Friends & Family Test - August 2019

In August 2019 we had a total of 59 responses; 57 said that they were ‘EXTREMELY LIKELY’ and 1 said that they were ‘LIKELY’ to recommend our GP Practice to friends and family if they needed similar care or treatment. You told us:

· Always happy with the excellent service at Marazion surgery in every way.

· As you're the best doctors I've been to in a long while. I'd send everyone to u guys. As you’re the best for miles

· Because I find the surgery second to none, All the staff are very friendly and helpful and all the doctors that I've seen during the past thirty years or more with various different ailments again have been very good both with advice and treatment, first class surgery

· Didn't have to wait, doc punctual. felt listened to, didn't feel rushed, it was a proper consultation re the way forward, was treated with respect. the receptionist was pleasant and helpful too

· Doctors and staff all very helpful and kind, all excellent.

· Excellent care and facilities. Only criticism is the appointment system.

· Excellent friendly service and advice as usual

· Excellent professional service.

· Friendly and very professional and helpful.

· Friendly staff. Calm surroundings. Privacy if needed.

· Good service.

· Have found all the staff very friendly and helpful and being looked after with our health issues

· Helpful & polite staff, clean & tidy premises.

· I chose 1 because I truly believe Marazion Surgery is an amazing, compassionate and very helpful surgery.

· It's the Best Surgery,

· Mrs Hatton is always professionally efficient and very patient friendly

· Polite efficient service!!

· Reassured about blood pressure it was high now lower

· Service unreliable, documentation not chased up or found.

Friends & Family Test - July 2019

In July 2019 we had a total of 73 responses; 67 said that they were ‘EXTREMELY LIKELY’ and 4 said that they were ‘LIKELY’ to recommend our GP Practice to friends and family if they needed similar care or treatment. You told us:

· All the doctors, nurses and staff are very understanding and helpful and I feel safe in their care.

· Always a good service despite being a bit busy at times; only problem is the crossover in the reception area and lack of privacy

· Because it's the best Surgery around. I have never had any trouble with the Place.

· Because they are patient orientated and efficient

· Efficient and friendly.

· Excellent caring staff nearly always putting patients first.

· Excellent knowledgeable staff and quick service

· Excellent medical team, support staff and facilities.

· Excellent service

· First class service. Can't fault it

· Great doctor and no wait

· Great staff, disabled access is amazing, new doctor seems to fit in to the surgery ethos well.

· Have been a patient for around 20 years and I have never had a problem at the surgery.

· Helen Green was very professional and dealt with me in a sensitive and respectful manner.... I must say in my dealings with all the nursing staff at Marazion surgery I am always impressed by the standard of excellence they maintain.

· I didn't have to wait at all. Very informative and reassuring Nurse.

· It was a very straightforward appointment. I was seen on time by a very pleasant nurse who explained clearly all I needed to know

· Just super service, pleasant staff and very approachable doctors. my perfect surgery

· On time, efficient service

· Prompt and quick appointment.

· Service is both professional and caring

· The help and constant care of the staff is second to none

· Top Quality Caring Service.... Many Thanks For Keeping Me Going....

· Warm & Friendly, giving good advice and explanations to questions.

· We have experienced a few issues over the past month or so but we are hoping things will settle down soon.

Friends & Family Test - June 2019

In June 2019 we had a total of 62 responses; 55 said that they were ‘EXTREMELY LIKELY’ and 6 said that they were ‘LIKELY’ to recommend our GP Practice to friends and family if they needed similar care or treatment. You told us:

· All staff extremely courteous, efficient and friendly. Clean waiting room. Ease of parking.

· All the staff are amazing and provide a fast and efficient service

· Always helpful

· Always polite and friendly and nothing is too much trouble

· Always treated with kindness and politeness by all the staff, nurses and doctors. Only complaint is the difficulty in being unable to get an appointment to see the doctor you want to see.

· Because my appointment was cancelled this morning and nobody told me having made a long journey and then you couldn't fit me in for a number of weeks initially, until a more helpful person fitted me in this week. Response: We apologise that two nurses rang in sick that morning and although we tried to contact everyone and rearrange appointments this was quite a difficult day. I am pleased to hear that we managed to fit you in for an appointment.

· Been with Marazion from birth although away in the 80',s always fantastic service and medical treatment the best; would go nowhere else

· Dr Murphy was extremely thorough, very helpful with explanations and reassuring. Appt was on time as arranged, all very efficient..

· Efficient friendly helpful staff

· Excellent service delivered immediately

· Fast appointment, friendly staff and made you feel at ease

· Friendly & efficient nurse.

· Great surgery where the staff are caring and accommodating.

· I can't fault the service I get at Marazion Surgery, they look after me really well, and I'd recommend them to anybody....

· Marazion surgery always delivers the most professional, helping, caring attention. Cannot give enough praise to all doctors, health professionals and ancillary staff. Marvellous.

· Marazion Surgery is superb. All the staff are friendly, helpful and very understanding. Would thoroughly recommend my surgery.

· Marazion Surgery is superb. All the staff are friendly, helpful and very understanding. Would thoroughly recommend my surgery.

· On this occasion I only needed to give a blood sample, I found Kate one of the most pleasant persons you could wish to meet. She was totally professional with a very caring attitude. A credit to the surgery

· Staff always helpful & efficient, appointments always available when needed

· The Asthma nurse fully understood my medical condition and we both fully agreed with the ongoing treatments. She was extremely pleasant.

· The nurse was lovely - put me at ease and was friendly and professional.

· We have recently moved doctors and we have both got to say that the staff and doctors have been more than helpful and very polite, and you don't feel rushed when you go to see the doctor...

· Well run practice. Happy to help when they can. Easy to get to and from on bus route. Easy to make appointments even in advance.

Friends & Family Test - May 2019

In May 2019 we had a total of 71 responses; 65 said that they were ‘EXTREMELY LIKELY’ and 2 said that they were ‘LIKELY’ to recommend our GP Practice to friends and family if they needed similar care or treatment. You told us:

Always friendly and helpful
Been with them for 29 years. Always had excellent service.
Dr Killeen and Shirley were just amazing. They made me feel completely at ease at my appointment which I was not looking forward to. We also had a laugh too. Thankyou so much you're both a credit to your profession.
Everyone is very helpful and seems to care, you can see a doctor the same day and the parking is good. Not much on the telly though
First class staff.
First class surgery first class team
Friendly, helpful, made me feel better!!! Excellent service!!
Good prompt friendly service
Great efficient and very busy staff
I have been a patient at the surgery for over 20 years and have always found the GPs and their whole team polite, considerate and efficient, with myself and all members of our family.
I have given '1' because on every occasion I have been to the Marazion Surgery I have had an excellent service, from making an appointment through to appointment outcome.
I rarely see my doctor perhaps 3 times in the last 12 years, first time I've ever asked for help, just felt they weren't interested and given a website to refer to
I think we are so lucky to have such a forward thinking surgery in our area. Doctors, nurses and other staff always helpful.
I was satisfied with the service I received yesterday. Sorry I pressed the wrong key 5 instead of 1
I'm generally not very well, but with the brilliant treatment & care I get from all your departments, I'm able to keep running my small business, and that really does mean a lot to me....Thank-you
It means a lot to have Drs who I can trust to fully consider health problems and know that they will try to find solutions. It also means a lot to have a helpful, friendly surgery.
Useful information that Dr was running late. Pleasant reception staff
Usual good care
Very helpful professional Doctors nurses and staff . Very pleased with our treatment etc .
Very patient, encouraging and understanding, they are amazing
We have always had good response from my surgery in Marazion

Friends & Family Test - April 2019

In April 2019 we had a total of 62 responses; 57 said that they were ‘EXTREMELY LIKELY’ and 5 said that they were ‘LIKELY’ to recommend our GP Practice to friends and family if they needed similar care or treatment. You told us:

· Because the service was exceptional

· Courteous efficient receptionists and always able to make an appointment that suits and always can see a doctor if urgent same day

· Excellent staff and service

· Excellent in every way.

· Friendly and helpful practice staff.

· Helpful, cheerful and supportive to my needs

· Helpful friendly staff on reception, can always get appointment on the day I phone, doctors and nurses brilliant

· I always feel listened to and the best advice given

· I am happy with the service I have received.

· I found staff very obliging & helpful , feel very comfortable with Dr Lock, who always puts me at ease & is a very good listener thank you

· I gave you a 1 because you have all been so good in the past but so disappointed my husband undergoing treatment for prostate cancer turned up today for an injection part of the treatment booked 2 weeks ago and nobody had ordered it. It's a stressful time for him and for this to happen has knocked him back a bit. We are very sorry that this happened and apologise for the upset and inconvenience. If you would like to contact the Practice Manager we can look into this further for you.

· I suffer quite a lot with numerous conditions/complaints/pain etc and I'm looked after really really well by everyone at the surgery ... The Surgery cannot be faulted....

· I was made very comfortable with a sensitive procedure and advised professionally

· I've always had very good service and happy

· Lovely, kind & friendly nurses. Dr Murphy was so kind and helpful too. We also all had a bit of a giggle too, which helped. Thank you Marazion surgery, fab as always.

· Never any trouble getting an appointment

· Pleasant and efficient staff doing a difficult job very well.

· Pleasant and professional service. Excellent doctors, good dispensing.

· Polite and friendly reception staff, doctors very caring and will listen to your problems, spending the time to make your quality of life better, clean and welcoming surgery, good parking facilities

· Reassured as usual

· Reception are always so helpful and obliging. Dr Robbins is always so kind, caring and thorough. Complete and total confidence when bringing my little girl in. Thank you

· Thank you for the service today, from every department.

· Treated very promptly, in a professional and very pleasant manner.

· Very professional and friendly staff. Lady on reception/pharmacy at 7pm exceptionally helpful.

Thank you very much for taking the time to complete these slips. We appreciate your support.

Friends & Family Test - March 2019

In March 2019 we had a total of 87 responses; 81 said that they were ‘EXTREMELY LIKELY’ and 2 said that they were ‘LIKELY’ to recommend our GP Practice to friends and family if they needed similar care or treatment. You told us:

· All staff very helpful and friendly

· Always get good service whenever I need to make contact

· Because the surgery is fantastic, Dr Walden was an Amazing Doctor. Nurses are Brilliant, Receptionists are very good. Dispensary are very good also, I have had no trouble with any of the Services.

· Efficient and helpful service

· Excellent staff, very friendly and professional. Nothing is too much trouble.

· Fantastic staff, really helpful, friendly, and put me at ease

· Good medical and nursing team, friendly, efficient staff.

· Hi, I this particular score, as on my last appointment the surgery showed accommodation to my personal condition by allowing me to wait at the back, away from the waiting room. I am coming out of a period of reclusivity and very poor health and this helped me to progress. Also, the surgery, to my experience, embraces Patient Centred Care strategies. Always looking to improve too! Thank you.

· I chose 1 because everything was explained thoroughly to by Helen Green who I saw plus the staff at the surgery are also very helpful

· I have always been very happy with treatment and service received at the surgery Thank you

· I was very pleased with how I was treated by the nurse considering the circumstances

· Katy (phlebotomist) welcoming and cheerful and very good at her job!

· Mrs Hatton is always the consummate professional and treats me with sensitivity and a smile

· Nothing is too much trouble. it is everything I need in a GP's surgery

· Reception always pleasant and helpful, appointment times are nearly always kept to and doctors and nurses are professional but also very caring

· The doctors always take the time with you that is needed and listen, no rushing you off.

· The doctors are caring and I can always normally get an appt when I need one

· The Dr was lovely, she did it in 2 minutes, and it was done with dignity. It was painless.

· The reason for my answer is that I can get an appointment on the day if I ring early enough and everyone is very helpful and polite nothing is too much and is willing to go that extra mile. Everyone is approachable easy to get on with and is friendly. Everyone is patient and does a very good service that is why I would recommend you to a friend or family. Thank you

· Very friendly, efficient and professional member of staff who clearly explained the procedure to me.

· Very happy to be treated helpfully, promptly & efficiently by someone who obviously knows the condition well.

· Very happy with service I have received on all levels

· Very helpful cheerful staff

· Very impressed with the surgery and staff in every way. They go the extra mile in my opinion!

· Very supportive staff. Friendly.

· Very thorough, polite and friendly team

· Very warm welcoming and I feel very comfortable

· We are looked after very well. Our doctor takes the time to listen. I am very impressed with Marazion Surgery

· When it's justified, I feel that being able to see a Dr quickly is crucial in a speedy recovery. The Surgery has this option. The response from the GP who saw me, was courteous and professional. She did everything I felt that she could, to reassure me and she explained that she didn't want to leave any stone unturned. The treatment that she prescribed was successful. What more could one ask for.

· You always get in the day you phone in. Pharmacy is in surgery very handy. & I think all the doctors care about us & look after us very well. Really great Marazion surgery. X

Thank you very much for taking the time to complete these slips. We appreciate your support.

Friends & Family Test - February 2019

In February 2019 we had a total of 99 responses; 89 said that they were ‘EXTREMELY LIKELY’ and 8 said that they were ‘LIKELY’ to recommend our GP Practice to friends and family if they needed similar care or treatment. You told us:

· Although very busy today, communication on delay was given, courteous treatment. Doc has time to listen and diagnose. Medication was in stock at pharmacy. Polite service. Good parking.

· Always found Marazion surgery to be able to give me an appointment when I needed it.

· Always so kind, helpful, efficient and reassuring. Thank you.

· Appointments are always running late , I waited 20 minutes and couldn’t wait any longer

· Because it's a well-run and friendly practice, pleasant waiting room too.

· Because they give you time and are always happy to talk to you

· Because treatment and consultations are exceptionally good and never rushed.

· Booking appointments is easy, friendly staff, quick referrals, doctors are so easy to talk to, and they listen to your health issues and try their best

· Dr Walden has been Fantastic as Always, it's a shame he is leaving. Most of the Staff are good. There will never be another Dr Walden or anybody as good.

· Excellent care and consideration. FIRST CLASS SURGERY.

· Excellent medical team, support staff and facilities. Couldn't fault any of them.

· Extremely helpful and understanding with me and my daughter

· Good doctors and nurses and very helpful staff

· Got an appointment with the GP I wanted to see on the day! Had to sit on phone for a while in morning to get appointment but I don't mind! I did not wait long once at surgery so I was happy I find all the GPS that I have seen very nice and helpful

· Great Doctors. Friendly helpful staff.

· Helpful, kind and polite

· I always find the surgery very helpful, score 1

· I cannot use the appointment check in screen. I have asked why but they say that they cannot fix it.

· It's good to consider alternatives

· Listened to, examined & plan of action, excellent care by Dr Lock

· Marazion surgery is excellent. It is well run, they are diligent, doctors and nurses are all exceptional.

· Mrs Hatton is always the consummate professional and treats me with dignity and a smile

· Professional, efficient and friendly.

· Service is good staff and doctors brilliant

· The staff and service is brilliant.

· They have a caring ethos for patients

· Very efficient

· Very good service Dr Walden gives you time and explains all thoroughly excellent service

· We received kind and sympathetic treatment by all staff at Marazion Surgery today.

Thank you very much for taking the time to complete these slips.

We appreciate your support.

New Guidance on the Combined Oral Contraceptive Pill

Guidance released in January 2019 may be of interest to our patients.


Friends & Family Test - January 2019

In January 2019 we had a total of 86 responses; 80 said that they were ‘EXTREMELY LIKELY’ and 3 said that they were ‘LIKELY’ to recommend our GP Practice to friends and family if they needed similar care or treatment. You told us:

· All staff friendly and professional. No problems whatsoever.

· Always seem to be helpful and friendly

· Always find the doctors and nurses have time to listen to me!

· Always helpful and give good advice

· Always helpful, knowledgeable

· Because Dr Walden is fantastic and simply the best doctor around in my opinion. Nurses are fantastic as well.

· Dr Gambles is the best GP I have ever found. She is knowledgeable and approachable. She has helped me through both a heart operation and emotional stress.

· Felt listened to by the receptionist and nurse that I saw. Treated with friendly yet professional manner

· Friendly and efficient staff.

· Have wasted 35mins hanging on the phone to get a test result and no answer; I have redialled reception still no answer. Can't afford to keep doing this and it's an important cancer test. I give up. (We apologise that you had difficulty contacting us on the results option of our telephone system that day. The engineer resolved this fault as quickly as possible. I would like to assure you that the appointments and main enquiries options were not affected).

· I can't fault the service I get at Marazion Surgery, they look after me really well, and I'd recommend them to anybody....

· I chose 1 in reply as all our family have been patients over 20 years and have found the service they provide at Marazion Surgery is excellent. Highly recommended.

· I don't go very often but when I do I find it an excellent surgery however I don't like the new phone in system especially having to sit and listen to music

· I feel that so much care is taken over patients at all levels. Your treatment is monitored fully and you are always kept informed of any results. A fully professional team

· I have been so ill because of medication that did not agree with me. I have been losing my own sanity and truly scared for my own life. Dr Walden listened ** some text is missing **

· My appointment today was to see a GP. He took the time to both listen and explain everything to me and put my mind at ease.

· So helpful and friendly

· The care, consideration and response of the Doctor I saw

Thank you very much for taking the time to complete these slips. We appreciate your support.

Move More Cornwall

The challenge: How do we get individuals and those at risk of falling more active and stronger? This isn’t new news. This is a long standing (pardon the pun) issue and one that is potentially only going to get worse as the population is getting older and less money is available.

Move More is a Cornwall Council Public Health funded program and delivered by iCareiMove Limited with partners including AGE UK Cornwall and Cornwall Foundation Partnership Trust.

The courses will be run with two Postural Stability Instructors (PSI’S) and a team of volunteers that will help support the program and those in attendance.

Who does this target? The courses are targeted towards those who fall or at risk of falling and those who may be unsteady on their feet or lack confidence. These individuals may use a walking stick or walking aid. They may need access to transport or help with costs. You might have a family member, neighbour or loved one that fits the bill.

Contact the Age UK Cornwall Helpline to start the conversation and we can support you and provide advice on what to do next.

01872 266388

Friends & Family Test - December 2018

In December 2018 we had a total of 69 responses; 67 said that they were ‘EXTREMELY LIKELY’, or ‘Likely’ to recommend our GP Practice to friends and family if they needed similar care or treatment. You told us:

· All the staff at Marazion surgery are polite and helpful. Nothing is too much trouble for them.

· Always kind and helpful

· As usual the driver rang the bell but drove away before we got to the door.

· Because I have been nearly always satisfied with the treatment given and I can usually get a quick appointment when required.

· Dedicated, friendly professionalism.

· Difficult to get appointment with same Doctor

· Excellent Drs & nurses

· Experience was excellent

· Friendly, reassuring staff.

· Good surgery, Doctors, Nurses, reception and dispensary staff who always seem keen to help.

· Had to wait 55 minutes for a simple blood sample, when booking in said 7 mins. Wrong nurse name on room 8 door which adds to the confusion having had difficulty hearing tanoy message

· I am a newly registered patient and I am extremely impressed by the surgery and the professionalism of all the staff. Everyone is very friendly and listen to what your needs are. Thank you.

· I love Marazion surgery, good staff, friendly service, they are the best

· I think we are so lucky to have such a forward thinking surgery in our area. Doctors, nurses and other staff always helpful.

· I was seen as an emergency and treated professionally

· Nurse Chloe was so professional yet very friendly. Really felt she listened to me and didn't rush me. What a fab nurse!

· Polite caring staff at a conveniently arranged appointment

· Very helpful/knowledgeable doctors and staff. With the pharmacy on site too. Fantastic all round.

· Very patient-friendly

· Very prompt appointment within 2hrs. In to see the doctor on time. Good examination explained. And the follow up at Hayle Hospital

Thank you very much for taking the time to complete these slips. We appreciate your support.

Friends & Family Test - November 2018

In November 2018 we had a total of 100 responses; 100% said that they were ‘EXTREMELY LIKELY’, or ‘Likely’ to recommend our GP Practice to friends and family if they needed similar care or treatment. You told us:

· A positive and helpful consultation with the doctor of my choice.

· Adequate parking. Pleasant waiting room. Efficient staff. But most important...... Dr Sugrue was so patient and helpful even at the end of a long day. Excellent

· Always a great service and a pleasure to meet your locum Dr Blight, very helpful and understanding.

· Always able to get an appointment. Reception always friendly and helpful.

· Always friendly, efficient and prompt service. We are lucky to have such a good service.

· Always had good, prompt, caring help when needed. Dr Gambles is a star!

· Because everyone’s so friendly

· Because I have always had good treatment.

· Because it's a well-run and friendly practice

· Doctor was interested in my painful shoulder and offered me help. Referring me urgently to physiotherapist. Don't know when I can see a physiotherapist?

· Dr Walden is the best doctor, the nurses are good, receptionists are very nice and pleasant.

· Easy to arrange, arrived early and seen early and procedure quick and painless.

· Easy to get appointment. Very professional and helpful Dr

· Everyone was friendly polite and the Dr was informative

· Friendly and attentive staff and appointments running on time

· Friendly staff.

· Friendly, efficient & caring

· Friendly, helpful and efficient treatment

· Good all round service

· Got an appointment within a week for non-urgent, only waited about 5 mins to see GP on day all very efficient

· Great doctors and nurses, pleasant staff, very helpful, what more would you need from your surgery. Many thanks.

· Helpful staff, great doctors, pharmacy on site.

· Hi you can normally see the doctor you want on the day when you get past the reception telling you cannot manly In the morning you might have 4/5 phone line but it can take you 20 minutes plus to get through and y do rep meds take a week to come through from you to the Lloyds pharmacy Eastern Green thank you

· I have just had major bowel surgery and cannot travel to surgery so this new service is exemplary especially when I'm in need of antibiotics.

· I'd recommend because it's a good surgery with excellent staff

· Marazion Surgery is always excellent. Online appointment booking and prescription ordering, helpful and friendly staff and brilliant doctors and nurse practitioners. We really feel they care about us.

· Mrs Kelly treated me with professionalism and dignity. I appreciated her advice and I was seen on time

· Nurse was very helpful and made me feel at ease

· Service and staff are punctual and polite.

· Staff highly qualified, professional and human. They always listen and empathise in a very positive and personable way. Brilliant. Plus always trying new and better treatment.

· The best surgery in Cornwall

· The nurse was super friendly. I almost felt I'd known her for years, which is a definite help for anyone who is nervous.

· The service is excellent at Marazion surgery.

· The staff are always more than happy to help in any way they can and are great at making you feel calm and reassured during your entire visit for whatever reason.

· They are always very helpful

· Very caring

· Very friendly staff

· Very pleasant people

Thank you very much for taking the time to complete these slips. We appreciate your support.

Friends & Family Test - October 2018

In October 2018 we had a total of 99 responses; 100% said that they were ‘EXTREMELY LIKELY’, or ‘Likely’ to recommend our GP Practice to friends and family if they needed similar care or treatment. You told us:

· Efficient and friendly

· Efficient friendly surgery appointment always available on day one phones especially if urgent all doctors have access to one's records so no time wasted appraising of problems

· Entered 1 because have always been extremely happy with my Doctor, Doctor Walden & all of the nurses & staff in the surgery. Courteous, respectful, & cheerful.

· Everyone is very kind, and helpful, and don't seem to have too much trouble getting appointments

· Fits my work routine, it's quick and easy to get seen and it's quiet

· Friendly, courteous and efficient.

· Friendly, efficient and I feel confident in my treatment.

· I find the service provided by Marazion Surgery exceptional. Appointments always on time, Doctors very helpful indeed and very supportive of my needs.

· I have been registered with the surgery for almost 18 years and have had extremely good care.

· I have been with the surgery many many years and have been very well looked after by you all

· I just think you're a very good kind and caring surgery.

· I was very satisfied with my visit to Dr Lock

· In over 28yrs we have never had cause for complaint. Any problems we may have are investigated fully by doctors in a professional manner. All staff are professional and polite. Would never consider changing our GP.

· Marazion Surgery is great on every level. Is it inspired from the top? They feel like friends so that means I open up more to them when in difficulty. They go the extra mile.

· Mrs Hatton saw me on time and as always treated me in her professional and caring manner. She is an asset indeed to the Marazion practice.

· My problem was discussed and a way forward reached in a clear, kind, non-patronising manner.

· Nurse was lovely with my mum

· Patients are treated with respect by all, nothing too much bother, great surgery.

· Speedy service, In and out

· Sympathetic, efficient service

· The appointment was on time. The nurse was pleasant, careful and very competent.

· The nurse not only managed to squeeze me in this morning after my appointment was cancelled, she was also very warm and friendly.

· The surgery is clean and bright. The staff are always very helpful and polite. The doctors are the best of all. Each one of them gives us time as patients, empathy and are sensitive to my concerns. I feel safe there and respected which I feel aids the recovery process. You leave that surgery feeling positive and motivated. I feel so lucky that this place is my local surgery!

· The surgery is very well run and the doctors and support staff are extremely caring

· Very friendly staff, very efficient, and the nurse made you feel very comfortable while having procedure done.

· Very happy with the levels of care, approachability if staff, clinical standards etc. The only disappointment is the painful telephone system. To book an appointment for a flu jab entailed a call timed at 47 minutes waiting in a queue that commenced with 5 and took all that time to come to the top. It then took just over a minute to complete the negotiations! This is clearly not right and a new system. However needs sorting. Hope this is helpful as intended. Practice Response: We are very sorry to hear this, we did have some 'teething problems' when the new system was installed and these have now been resolved. If you have a problem like this again please let us know so that we can fix things straight away.

· Very welcoming and considerate.

Thank you very much for taking the time to complete these slips. We appreciate your support.

Friends & Family Test - September 2018

In September 2018 we had a total of 142 responses; 137 (97%) said that they were ‘EXTREMELY LIKELY’, to recommend our GP Practice to friends and family if they needed similar care or treatment. Two patients said they were likely to recommend us, one was not sure, one said that they were unlikely. All comments are included below. Two patients said they were extremely unlikely to recommend us but didn’t say why; they are welcome to talk to us about their experience. You told us:

· A very friendly, well run surgery. Doesn't feel like being at the Doctors. Pharmacy is really good and helpful

· All of the doctors, nurses, reception and pharmacy provided first class treatment and service. The best I have known.

· All the staff are amazing.

· Almost always get an appointment when I or my family need one drs on the whole are supportive and kind just wish sometimes there was more time to talk but always get seen

· Always find Doctors and other staff very helpful

· Always friendly, professional, helpful and very prompt service. Thank you.

· Because I think the Practice is extremely good and always treats patients really well. Couldn't ask for better.

· Because it is the best surgery and the best staff that we know of

· Doctors and Nurses are happy and caring. The whole practice is always welcoming with a first rate service

· Dr Robbins was very thorough and reassuring. He had time to listen to me and examined me with care. Always excellent whenever I visit him.

· Ease of making appointments. Good follow up care.

· Easy booking in on day of appointment. Very polite and helpful receptionist. Dr was exactly on time for appointment. Did not fell rushed. All in all a very good experience at Marazion Surgery.

· Easy to make an appointment, very pleasant staff, very friendly environment, bright and clean surgery

· Efficient and courteous receptionists and nurses at all stages. Can usually get a doc appointment same day too. Ease of parking and all staff worthy of praise.

· Efficient and pleasant staff.

· Everybody is helpful and polite

· Every contact I have ever had/made has been positive. From the dispensary through reception, clinic nurses and doctors they have been professional, polite, helpful and friendly. All in all an excellent service.

· Everything with my visit was all GOOD in every account, well done.

· Excellent all round service from doctors, nurses, health specialists, dispensary and admin staff.

· Excellent service. prompt, polite, always helpful

· Excellent staff from reception to doctors

· Excellent Surgery. Knowledgeable courteous with genuine care for each patient and families. Number 1 for me.

· Excellent. Polite service

· Extremely likely to recommend Marazion surgery as have always had good care from helpful staff in all areas. Yesterday saw Dr Robbins, very happy with outcome of consultation. Also seen before appt time.

· I can always get an appointment. The staff are very helpful. The dispensing staff are always pleasant.

· I gave this score, because I have every confidence in your surgery.

· I had a very good diabetes review with Clare and even had my flu jab to save another trip. Thank you.

· I have attended Marazion Surgery for the last 55 years and have always been treated with courtesy and kindness by all of the members of staff.

· I have chosen one as this is the best surgery I have ever been registered with. All of the staff are really pleasant and nothing seems to be any trouble. I have never not been able to get an appointment when it suits. I have an on-going health problem that Marazion surgery have managed to sort it without any fuss. Well done the whole team not the easiest of jobs.

· I have selected 1, as I can 9 times out of 10 get an appt on the day on which I phone. Other services with the nurses are very good. The surgery is friendly, clean and having the dispensary on site is invaluable. The only thing that drives me nuts is the s..l..o..w..n..e..s.s of the outgoing message ! (We are aware of this and arranging for Dr Walden to re-record the message whilst talking faster! If you know the option you require you can press it straight away without waiting for him to finish!!)

· I was comfortable and pleased with what the doctor has done

· I would recommend this surgery as they are efficient, but also caring and have time to listen

· I'm sorry, I think the surgery is great, totally read wrong 1 extremely likely x

· Kind, considerate, respectful service

· Lovely helpful staff is why I'd recommend. Yesterday I had a great thorough app with Dr Gambles, very kind to me. And I'd lost my BP pills and pharmacy replaced them the same day with a smile.

· Many years of very good service from all staff, nurses and GPs at Marazion surgery, for all family members, including very elderly ones over 90. Home visits to them have been promt, with kind and considerate bedside manner - very much appreciated at some worrying times. Easy to book surgery appointments too. 10 out of 10! Thank you.

· Marazion is a busy surgery yet the staff are always courteous and helpful. The doctors are hard-working yet they all treat their patients as people, not numbers. The surgery is well-respected by hospital staff including Consultants. I try not to be a regular customer - but I trust the staff at Marazion, they get my vote as the best in the area.

· Nurses and all staff friendly and reassuring.

· Polite, professional staff.

· Quick and efficient

· Quickly dealt with

· Smiles, time to talk, so very good

· Sorry for mix up. I entered 5 in error first time. It should have been an 'excellent'. I can't fault Marazion surgery. The staff are wonderful and the facilities superb.

· Staff very efficient dealing with so many patients and being so friendly

· Staff were professional, helpful, friendly and efficient.

· Surgery is fabulous. All staff medical and admin. very professional. Proactive demonstrated in the amount of screening, testing, referrals and health checks offered. Most importantly and impressive is how all work as a team.

· The doctors and nurses are caring and listen to the problems also the receptionists are very welcoming

· The Marazion Surgery staff are professional, caring and supportive. Dr Walden is a shining example of what is a truly wonderful GP. ..he is calm unhurried.. he listens and gives sound advice and takes the time to explain without ever being patronising.

· The surgery has been responsible for my continued good health for 40 years for which I am extremely grateful.

· They Are The Best Surgery around in My Opinion, Nothing is too much Trouble. Doctor Walden, My Diabetic Nurse, the Staff at Dispensary and the Staff At Front of The Surgery Are All Amazing. Dr Walden is the Best Ever.

· Unable to fault Doctors or staff in any way.

· Very efficient phone and surroundings. Have always been offered an appointment on the day of phoning, if not doc I am with, but could always see a doctor

Thank you very much for taking the time to complete these slips. We appreciate your support.

Dispensary Services

We are aware that patients are receiving letters from Pharmacy2U and although it states in small print 'your surgery has not given us any of your details for this letter and has not approved this communication', we wish to emphasise that this letter is NOT FROM US and we are not advertising or encouraging patients to use their service. Our Dispensary at Marazion Surgery offers a full prescribing and dispensing service to our patients, including delivery of medications. If you have any questions about this, or if you have any questions not answered on our website or in our Practice leaflet, please speak to one of our Dispensary staff.

We are in the TOP TEN of GP Practices in Cornwall


Please see the link to the Cornwall Live article below

Please Click here to access the Website

Friends & Family Test - August 2018

In August 2018 we had a total of 96 responses; 93 (97%) said that they were ‘EXTREMELY LIKELY’, 2 said that they were ‘LIKELY’, to recommend our GP Practice to friends and family if they needed similar care or treatment. You told us:

· All the staff I have had dealings with were very helpful, efficient and professional in their approach. I would highly recommend.

· Booking appointments is easy, friendly staff, quick referrals, doctors are so easy to talk to and they listen

· Chose 1 because of the care and patience all your staff treat the patients

· Dr Jonathan Lock is an awesome doctor at Marazion Surgery.

· Dr Sugrue is patient and listens carefully- nothing is too much trouble

· Friendly and helpful staff

· Friendly and efficient service.

· GP took immediate action. Good communication etc.

· Great staff. Great waiting times.

· I attend weekly, sometimes up to 3 times a week and I'm always treated with professionalism, caring and respect

· I feel Marazion Surgery has improved hugely over the last 12 months or so, I find the reception staff much more helpful and friendly and the medical staff have a brilliant bedside manner. Dr Walden has been fantastic with my 5 year old daughter and every doctor I've seen has gone above and beyond to help and advise.

· I gave this rating because I made the appointment easily on line, did not have to wait overly long to see the doctor and was dealt with in an extremely courteous and understanding manner.

· I have been with Marazion for 60 odd years and found surgery always good to patients.

· I recommend Marazion Surgery because of the excellent service I have received to date and because both Doctors and staff are caring people.

· I was seen on time by Mrs Hatton who treated me as always with great professionalism and efficiency.... she always makes me feel that as a patient I am important.

· I would extremely recommend your surgery – you’re excellent

· Just a brilliant surgery. Lovely staff. Great Doctors. What else can one say. 10/10

· Receptionists are friendly and helpful. Dispensary the same. Dr Walden is wonderful treating my wife, patient, calm and reassuring. Sister Nightingale, (erroneously named Mrs. Peacock) is the NHS at its very best and cannot be commended highly enough.

· Staff are always polite and helpful, speedy appointments too

· The reason I chose 1 is because Marazion Surgery is the best, always get an appointment on the day you phone up, no hanging around ages to be seen, helpful staff, Doctors & Nurses brilliant

· The staff at the surgery are kind, caring and professional.

· The surgery have always accommodated me with an appointment. The desk staff have been polite, pleasant and helpful. The medical staff have been polite, accurate and efficient in all my dealings with them.

· The whole system is Ace, can't fault it...

· They are all wonderful!

· Whenever I have had occasion to ring or come into the surgery I’ve always found kindness and helpfulness. Meur ras onan hag oll. Thank you one and all.

· Kind good staff, receptionists and doctors. No complaints.

· You have provided me and all I know with an excellent service. However what worries me is that friends using other surgeries often complain about their service. I don’t like ‘gatekeepers’ to the NHS being in competition.

· I was seen promptly with a minimum of bureaucracy. Thank you.

· Helpful, smiling receptionist. I can ask for a ‘named doctor’ appointment – I like to see my family friendly doctor.

Thank you very much for taking the time to complete these slips. We appreciate your support.

Friends & Family Test - July 2018

In July 2018 we had a total of 90 responses; 85 (95.5%) said that they were ‘EXTREMELY LIKELY’, 1 said that they were ‘LIKELY’, 1 said that they were unlikely and three said that they were extremely unlikely to recommend our GP Practice to friends and family if they needed similar care or treatment. You told us:

· We have been with Marazion Surgery, myself since 1948 and my wife since 1935 and have always found the doctors, nurses and staff to be very efficient. Importantly, they take time to listen to you which gives you the confidence that you are receiving the best treatment or advice available. The system of regular calls for check-ups feel you are being well looked after. Also there is never a problem with making an appointment to see any one. There will always be someone who will see you.

· Not all my experiences with the NHS and prior to its formation have been positive. I have had some very unhappy experiences. Moving to this area from London I wondered what the medical practice I would end up attending would be like. I had been very happy with my previous doctor. Now when I drive into your car park I feel safe and cared for. A special place to which I belong. Whichever doctor, nurse, reception or dispensary staff I consult, I feel respected, listened to and cared for – and promptly dealt with. Whatever my anxieties I feel safe in your care. Thank you. Thank you. I always sing your praises to others. I’m sure I always will.

· All the staff and GP's are very good. By personal choice I prefer to see Dr Walden who I consider to be an excellent Doctor.

· Best surgery in Cornwall in every respect.

· Caring and efficient service

· Don't usually have to wait too long

· Dr's are all very professional and helpful. The nurses all come across as caring and the admin staff are nice. As are the pharmacists. Also good to get all from one place

· Easy check in, seen on time, and pleasant discussion with doctor

· Everyone is all polite and smiley and do their best to help you

· Excellent surgery and services, staff very polite and helpful, would recommend this surgery to anyone

· Friendly people and caring, quick and efficient,

· GP gave me some positive feedback which is what I needed

· Great customer service, and lovely helpful doctors and nurses.

· I been with this surgery for 20 odd years and they are always pleasant and nothing is ever to much trouble - best surgery in Cornwall

· I have always had wonderful treatment from both nurses and doctors.

· I have that response because I find your surgery provides everything I require with such efficiency and courtesy.

· I was seen right on time and treated with professionalism and dignity.... I then had to enquire about eligibility for a vaccination which was dealt with at reception very efficiently and appointments made with no fuss.

· I was very nervous and the doctor was understanding

· I would recommend the surgery because every doctor in it appears to really care about giving the best care possible to its patients. You can always get an appointment when you need it. Doctors are always keen to explore every option by including blood tests and follow up appointments.

· On time good service

· They have been incredibly kind and supportive during the worser days of my mental health. They are very often quick and easy to see. Every doctor and practice nurse I've seen so far have been lovely people.

· Working for NHS and seeing how difficult other patients find it to get appointments with their GPs seems relatively easier for this surgery

· I was very pleased with the doc, he listened and treated me well etc

· The staff and doctors always have time for you and are very friendly and helpful

· Difficult to give you a brief answer, it's been a very unsatisfactory process from start & we still haven't had all our holiday vaccines. 2 wasted appointments each, I feel you are reluctantly offering this service.

Thank you very much for taking the time to complete these slips. We appreciate your support.

Friends & Family Test - June 2018

In June 2018 we had a total of 46 responses; 42 said that they were ‘EXTREMELY LIKELY’, 3 said that they were ‘LIKELY’, and 1 said that they were neither likely nor unlikely to recommend our GP Practice to friends and family if they needed similar care or treatment. You told us:

  • Because all the team are just brilliant!
  • Always able to see someone when I needed to
  • When asked if I could be seen by Mrs Hatton, reception staff were very helpful even though I was booked to see another nurse by mistake, on telephoning surgery
  • Extremely helpful receptionists, thorough nursing, went the extra mile to help. Thank you.
  • I do feel that it would be better if the appointments were shown on the TV screen as the voices tend to echo (This should happen – we will look into this.)
  • Just made an enquiry and was immediately given ECG test, then saw the doctor, then sent for a chest x-ray – all on the same day. Appointments for monitor and blood tests the following week. Brilliant service! First Class.
  • All the doctors have time for you and listen to your needs. The nurses, office staff and especially the dispensary ladies are lovely. Nothing is too much trouble for anybody at Marazion surgery. Top marks to all.
  • All the staff I have had dealings with were very helpful, efficient and professional in their approach. I would highly recommend.
  • Always a pleasant experience. Friendly staff.
    Always excellent service
  • Dr Sugrue listens carefully and explains well
  • Great that you can phone in the morning, first thing, and get to see a doctor same day.
  • I have recently suffered severe health problems and have found Dr Walden to be a superb GP. Understanding, approachable and very capable. The whole staff are a credit to the practice and I would not register elsewhere unless forced to do so.
  • It's a very caring doctors
  • Shingles vac. is good and seen on time.
  • Since we moved to Goldsithney in February 2010 we think we have experienced excellent care from Marazion surgery and after I was diagnosed with lymphoma in February 2016 all the staff I've been in contact with have been caring and kind.

Thank you very much for taking the time to complete these slips. We appreciate your support.

Text Reminder Service

We have the facility to send you a text reminder for any booked appointment at the surgery. Please let us know your mobile number as this will save the NHS valuable lost time in missed appointments. This will also allow us to book FLU CLINICS further in advance.


We want to get better at communicating with our patients. We want to make sure you can read and understand the information we send you. If you find it hard to read our letters or if you need someone to support you at appointments, please let us know. We want to know if you need information in large print or easy read; use a British Sign Language interpreter or advocate; if we can support you to lip-read or use a hearing aid or communication tool. Please tell the receptionist when you arrive for your next appointment, or call us on 01736 710505.

Patient On-Line Services - The Waiting Room

This practice currently offers patients’ facilities to:

  • Book, view, amend and cancel appointments online.
  • View and order online repeat prescriptions for drugs, medicines or appliances.

This is possible by registering for ‘The Waiting Room’ on-line access. Currently 1,200 patients are signed up for this valuable and effective service! If you would like to register for ‘The Waiting Room’, please ask for more information at Reception or Dispensary.

Patients who are already registered for ‘The Waiting Room’ will shortly transfer to the updated version 2. (You do not need to do anything!) As part of ‘The Waiting Room Version 2’ patients may also request permission to view limited extracts of their medical records. There are obviously stringent controls on the release of this information and applications should be made in writing to the Practice Manager, Mrs J Brown.

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